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  1. Starchild
    by Starchild
  2. Vertigo
    by Zakk Sabbath
    by RAVINE
    Brown Acid Blues Brown Acid Blues
    This band gets down.4 heavy tracks clocking in at almost 30 minutes. like kyuss experimenting with sludge/doom style music.
  4. The Woes of a Mortal Earth
    by Brimstone Coven
    When the World is Gone When the World is Gone
    Same 70s inspired rock the band continues to deliver flawlessly. This time around the vocals are stronger than ever and dare I say I hear alittle Layne Staley influenced lyrics and delivery. 🤘
  5. In Virgo
    by In Virgo
    cool vocals.Sounds alittle like Chester(R.I.P).
  6. First Trip
    by WhiteNails
    Shanghaied Shanghaied
  7. Burn Ritual - "The Void"
    by Forbidden Place Records
  8. Gravity
    by Black Spirit Crown
    Teutates Teutates
    wow what just happened. I think I have found the best stoner prog doom I have heard in a while.such a fluid album carried buy singer with an impressive set of pipes.
  9. Death Will Flee
    by wytCHord
  10. Blud
    by Nebula Drag
    Not A Clone But Very Strong In The Style Of Early A.S.G.Very Cool Alternative Stoner Rock.
  11. Vitruvian
    by Veio
    Flare of Defiance Flare of Defiance
    Great hard rock album. recommend for fans of a perfect circle and 10years.
  12. Iron Mountain
    by BoneHawk
    Mongrel Mongrel
    New Bonehawk = Buy Now.Album delivers stoner rock on a massive level.Fans of Freedom Hawk and Sword Will Love This Album .
  13. Hyper Buzz Love
    by kosmonaut
  14. Lost Psychonaut
    by Lost Psychonaut
  15. Wolves of Winter
    by Wolves of Winter
  16. Dumb Monsters
    by The Miracle Mongers
  17. BRANT BJORK - Gods & Goddesses (Remastered)
  18. Saxon Lady
    by Custom Black
  19. Saxon Lady
    by Custom Black
    Celestial Seas Celestial Seas
    considering I only heard 1 track it is my favorite. Judging by this banger this album is going to be epic.So excited to hear the rest when it drops.
  20. Beyond The Crimson Throne
    by Blessed Black