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  1. Rezolution (24 bit) compiled by PYMS
    by Zenon Records
  2. Portals
    by Quanta
  3. Rhythm Code II
    by Shanti Planti
  4. Let There Be Light Vol.2 (24 bit)
    by Zenon Records
  5. The Exquisite (24 bit)
    by Sensient
  6. Tesseract Interface
    by Ryanosaurus
  7. Biosynthesis
    by Digital Swamp
  8. The Summoning
    by Twisted Sibling
  9. Living Art
    by Eartheogen
  10. Resurfacing: volume 1
    by VA - Weapon Records
  11. The Last Rainforest
    by Smilk
  12. Dank Factory
    by Digital Swamp
  13. Synaesthetics
    by Sumiruna
  14. Wabi Sabi
    by Pspiralife
    Big Fat Lyre (vs. Hellquist) Big Fat Lyre (vs. Hellquist)
    A great combination of stunning production coupled with outstanding phrases... hands down top of the genre! Intelligent psytrance/prog at it's best! Absolutely love your work !timeless!
  15. Soul Science
    by Hedflux
  16. Create Relate
    by Ryanosaurus
    Creeper Creeper
  17. Omniversal
    by opiuo
  18. Memory
    by Dreamstalker
  19. Crystal Language
    by Seamoon
  20. The Middle Way
    by Pspiralife
  21. Sensient - 308 Negra Arroyo Lane
    by Zenon Records
  22. Pspiralife - Liquid Nails (Legacy Remix)
    by No Qualms Records
  23. hopes and illusions
    by shadow fx & yeti
  24. stealth mode (kung-fu mix)
    by jigsaw
  25. Hellquist - Restricted Categories
    by Dj Phalcom
  26. Hellquist & Jekyll - Dropacopapsyte Wip
    by Dj Phalcom
  27. Mirror Me - Decomposition
    by Dj Phalcom
  28. CeZZers - Embracing The Random EP
    by CeZZers
  29. Amuzing The Freak- Empire of Dirt (Vimanna Remix)
    by No Qualms Records
  30. VA -The Antidote
    by Insonitus Records
  31. Hot Crazy Matrix
    by Evil Oil Man
  32. An Altered State of Consciousness (Tetrameth Rmx)
    by Zenon Records
  33. Boobyallen (Terrafractyl RMX)
    by Zenon Records
  34. Pspiralife - Multi (Evil Oil Man RMX)
    by Zenon Records
  35. Permutations Vol. 3
    by Zenon Records
  36. Klungsum
    by Electrypnose
  37. Psychological Effects - Remixes
    by Symbolic and Zen Mechanics
  38. Bush Mech - Alterations
    by No Qualms Records
  39. Tomple2oon - External Frump (feat. Spliffun)
    by No Qualms Records
  40. Jekyll - Sportal Swombat
    by No Qualms Records
  41. Collaborations
    by Hedflux
  42. Bending Reality
    by Digital Swamp
  43. Diagonaland
    by Pspiralife
  44. Sinister Grin [#41]
    by VA
  45. Yugen
    by Ryanosaurus