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  1. Volume Four "Evil Stack Live"
    by Boris
    Naki Kyoku Naki Kyoku
    I'm not big on live albums but when it comes to Boris I'll happily make an exception. "Evil Stack Live" sounds oh so good. It begs to be played loud on a killer set of headphones or some big ass speakers (as is the case for Boris albums in general). The whole band is on point the entire set just laying into every song with everything they've got. Wata's performance on Naki Kyoku is amazing, nay, transcendent. This album will remind you why you love Boris (or in this case BORIS) as much as you do
  2. Volume Five "Pink Days"
    by Boris
  3. Dear
    by Boris
  4. Savior
    by SOFT KILL
  5. Under the World
    by VOWWS
  6. Caustic
    by Primitive Man
    by Full of Hell, HEALTH
  8. NO
    by Boris
  9. VII
    by KTL
  10. Abscess Time
    by Pyrrhon
    Fucking hell. If ever there was an album that so perfectly captures life in these black days it's this one. The dizzying chaos of the music and lyrics that cut like a finely honed scalpel. Beautiful.
  11. Language of Molting Cherubs
    by Full of Hell
  12. Anxiety Assembly
    by Ikea Mutilation Manual
  13. Construction Of Compulsive Chagrin
    by Ikea Mutilation Manual
  14. Trophy
    by Made Out Of Babies
  15. White2 (2018 remastered edition)
    by SUNN O)))
  16. Advanced Mummification Procedure
    by Mummifier
  17. MM...Food
    by MF DOOM
  18. Chatta
    by Chepang
  19. Schizophrenia Schematic
    by Ikea Mutilation Manual
  20. Void Bastards (Original Soundtrack)
    by Ryan Roth