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  1. The Orb
    by GOROD
  2. Visions of Infinihility
    by Carnosus
  3. Yantra Creating
    by 7 H.Target
  4. Exul
    by Ne Obliviscaris
  5. Liminal
    write "brick" on my brick
  6. Avalanche Kaito
    by Avalanche Kaito
    Burkina Faso brings the noise. very unique sound, highly recommended.
  7. The Corruption of Virtue (Death Metal)
    nasty death metal with old-school grit and frequent prog flourishes. bassist went crazy in the booth. highly recommended
  8. MAYBE PERFECT -otsu-
    by 代代代
    Lase Lase
    over the top chaotic pop that gleefully walks a tightrope between liberating destruction and bad taste. borderline unlistenable but that's why it rules.
    (i think the「kou」version is the official one and「otsu」has slight reworks and diff track order??)
  9. Adumbration of the Veiled Logos
    by Verberis
    mindbending black metal with JSM from Ulcerate on drums 🔥
    by NATIVE Sound System
    cool afropop compilation
  11. After the Magic
    by Parannoul
    불면증 (Insomnia) 불면증 (Insomnia)
    After the Magic surpasses the breakout 2021 debut with a richer sound pallette, more confident songwriting, and a more cohesive vision throughout the album.
  12. Creatures
    by drumcorps
    furby madness
    genuinely wild stuff
  13. 大団円-Ending-
    by SARI
    interesting j-pop elevated by bold production choices and great vocals. the inclusion of traditional folk instruments rules.
  14. Revelations
    by Decrepit Cadaver
    brutal death metal from Chile that will knock your teeth out and call you 'wéon'
  15. The Caverns of Duat
    by Haxprocess
  16. Shine on
    by ItoShin
  17. Ψευδομένη
    by Ὁπλίτης
  18. The Impending Fall Of The Stars
    by Inherits The Void
  19. Liber Lvcifer II: Mahapralaya
    by Thy Darkened Shade
  20. The Golden Age
    by Brood Of Hatred