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  1. Thunder Horse
    by Thunder Horse
  2. Chosen One
    by Thunder Horse
    Dear Mr. Fantasy Dear Mr. Fantasy
    Got to be honest - I bought this based only on the review by AMG and the album cover. And my faith was rewarded. These guys are seasoned veterans knowing their craft, blendig genres with grace. The reaper has come, bow your knee.
  3. The Others
    by Northern Crown
    No One Came To Mourn Me No One Came To Mourn Me
    One of the weirdest metal albums I know. In the best way possible. You probably wouldn´t guess, that doom metal can sound this way. But Northern Crown know better and absolutely destroy. Although it is a debut, they sound mature and confident. Original and refreshing, definitely worth checking out.
  4. Conduit
    by King Goat
    Flight of the Deviants Flight of the Deviants
    I fought this one with tooth and nail. And I have lost. It took some time to get into it, but boy... A complex piece of music which is a delight to explore. Just dive right in.
  5. Psalter Of The Royal Dragon Court
    Khara Khara
    What really stands out for me is the atmosphere of this album. It sounds like some kind of mass in the church of the Dragon. And the riffs are the prayers.
  6. In a Pallid Shadow
    by Northern Crown
    A Vivid Monochrome A Vivid Monochrome
    I can´t put a finger on it. It sounds heavy and doomish, yet it is strangely uplifting. I can´t get enough of the vocals, which are full of emotion. And the lyrics are quite good and they force you to sing along. A strange beast of an album, which escapes the classifications, but is an excellent and captivating piece of work. For me personally, it is one of the biggest discoveries of recent time and I can´t wait for my signed copy.
  7. The blind leading the blind
    by 1914
    The Hundred Days Offensive The Hundred Days Offensive
    This one made me read a ton of books about WWI. One of the best thematic albums i know. It makes me wonder, what the hell can these guys do to top this one...