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  1. Charon
    by Plog
  2. Másvilág
    by Dory DayDreamer
    appears in 1 other collection
  3. 箫韶XiaoShao
    by Black Kirin 黒麒
  4. Diva Ruzha
    by Viter and Kings & Beggars
    Vänner Och Fränder Vänner Och Fränder
  5. Tusmørkejuvel
    by Tusmørkejuvel
  6. olneya - "olneya"
    by Olneya
  7. Karmalove
    by The Lust
    What A Disorder What A Disorder
  8. The Fire From Within
    by Sonora Sunrise
  9. 孤雁 Gu Yan (Album)
  10. Afterimage of Autumn
  11. Bending Spoons
    by Plike
    Black Swan Black Swan
    Perfect as always.
  12. Niche (first works)
    by Release The Long Ships
  13. Saturnitical Mercurism
    by musicformessier
  14. Empty Mirrors
    by Plike
  15. 47th Helen
    by Plike
  16. Myriologues
    by Ships In The Night
    Limb From Limb Limb From Limb
  17. Granicha
    by Disparition
  18. Messes
    by Isserley
  19. Quest Of A Sign (Q-Ran Mix)
    by The Lust
  20. Black Dahlia Poem
    by The Lust
    In Death Embrace In Death Embrace
    I do have this album on CD but I can't allow my account missed such a masterpiece. It's just awesome and I love it more and more with every new listening.
  21. Sanctum
    by Metatron Omega
  22. Maya's Magic Pill
    by The Crazy Left Experience
  23. Equator
    by Silent Island
  24. Red Queen, White Queen
    by Plike
    Rabbit Hole Rabbit Hole
  25. Planewalkers
    by Khallanar
  26. Длиннее века (Longer Than a Century)
    by Алексеевская площадь (Alekseevskaya Ploshchad [Alexy's Square])
    К небесам К небесам
  27. Quest Of A Sign (EP)
    by The Lust
    Quest Of A Sign Quest Of A Sign
    I'm SO happy to see you guys back in action! Can't wait to enjoy your new album.
  28. Revel
    by IVATU
  29. Acid Mantra
    by Lamp of the Universe
  30. Given to Emptiness (2015)
    by Arenna
  31. Purple
    by The Anthropophobia Project
  32. Rivers & Shores
    by Black Hill & heklAa
  33. HЄRЄŦłC
    by M‡яc▲ll▲
  34. Welcome to the Desert
    by Sonora Sunrise
  35. Canyon
    by Sonora Sunrise
  36. Seventh Valley
    by Saddar Bazaar
  37. Naxatras
    by Naxatras
  38. Greyvein
    by Cult of Herodias
    Why Can't You See? Why Can't You See?
  39. Dead Chants And Forbidden Melodies
    by OTEHI
  40. The Sun
    by Somali Yacht Club
    by ZQKMGDZ - 10.000 km² gegen die Zeit
  42. Druid
    by Druid
  43. Horehound (Remastered)
    by Horehound
  44. Death By Burning
    by MANTAR
  45. Membrane
    by The Lust
    Ashore Ashore
    It took me several listens to realize that I love this album not less than previous two. "Ashore" will live in my playlist forever.