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  1. Metal
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    by Methwitch
  2. 2020/09/16 South Farms, Morris, CT
    by Goose
  3. On Circles
    by Caspian
  4. you'll be fine
    by Hot Mulligan
  5. Golden Hour
    by shiver.
  6. Frames
    by Plastic Farm
  7. Going Out of Business
    by Dryjacket
    Salt Life Salt Life
    I don't understand why these guys aren't bigger. They're like a more technical and more fun Into it. Over it.- parts are rockout good times, other parts are super emo and beautiful, and it all works so well together. Salt Life is such a nice little jam
  8. Re:visions
    by Tides Of Man
  9. Buster
    by Admiral Angry
    The Illusion Of Strength The Illusion Of Strength
    The last minute of this album is one of the most brutal things I've ever heard. Absolutely disgusting and just stupid heavy. he need some milk
  10. Subsume (2020 Remaster)
    by Cloudkicker
  11. Super Heavy Galactic Stuff
    by The Alex Jones Prison Planet
    Not Of This World Not Of This World
    I found this, saw it was cheap, thought it was funny, and bought it, thinking I'd play it for a friend to make them laugh a few times and move on. I never thought I would hit a point where I know all the lyrics and sing along. But that happened, because this is just that good. Alex Jones is an oddly perfect frontman and these songs rip.
  12. Cursed To Hell EP
    by The Alex Jones Prison Planet
  13. Pressure
    by Bloodbather
  14. Entry: Dispersal
    by Sleepsculptor
  15. Giant Sings The Blues (Extended Version)
    by Spanish Love Songs
  16. The Bronze Age
    by Johnny Booth
  17. The darkest journey
    by Spherian
  18. Inevitable
    by With Different Eyes
  19. Reflection
    by Pet Symmetry
  20. SPEAK
    by Old Solar