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  1. Raising Cannibals
    by Strangejuice
    Big Jim Smoke Big Jim Smoke
    This album is one of those that completely evoke a sense of that early 00's punk. The Introduction definitely grabs you and Put The Television on is definitely a standout track. Strangejuice have a wonderful sound that keeps going to places that you never expect it too.
  2. It Will Come Out Of Nowhere
    by Post Death Soundtrack
    Fallout Fallout
    Post Death Soundtrack have done it again. Their master of the synth is legendary and 'Pathless Land' is a standout track. The soundscape is absolutely lush. Fallout, it's eerie, almost as if you're exploring a sewer system of a city in a post atomic horror. In fact, Fallout is my favourite track on the album. Look forward to more releases!
  3. Chosen Sons
    by Post Death Soundtrack
    Post Death Soundtrack have managed to invoke a retro Vangelis style approach in their sound which makes Chosen Sons a really interesting track for those who love this genre.
  4. All the Water
    by Deb Montgomery
    Wake Me Wake Me
    Deb Montgomery seems to encapsulate every female artist in this album. Her vocals are reminiscent of Joni Mitchell and Carly Simon but her songs are sung from the heart, something you don't hear on mainstream radio today. Wake Me is my personal favourite because it has such a great rhythm and the lyrics are simple but perfect. Something I look for in a singer songwriter is conveying a world of emotion through a simple lyric and Deb does this perfectly.
  5. Raven King
    by Raven King
    Drifting Drifting
    Raven King's eponymous effort kicks off with a Nirvana influenced 'Carnival'. If you keep listening, you'll find that's just one of the many grunge influences that has been expertly woven into this album. The vocal quality is a little muddy in some songs, but perhaps that's what was intended. Drifting has the best production on the album and is easily a favorite.
  6. Relevant Noise
    by Night Herons
    Sunflowers Sunflowers
    Relevant Noise is an album that has all of what the Dana Berry fan has come to expect from his productions. Lots of distorted, chiming guitar riffs and soaring vocals. The Night Herons do perfect as a cohesive unit and the whole album flows perfectly. The track Sunflowers reminds me of Paul Weller and the alternative rock scene. I love the vocals on it, especially the backing! All in all, a superb effort!
  7. Warm-up(Intro)
    by Eric Pedigo
    I love the simplicity of this, because the instruments are recorded at different levels of quality. The acoustic guitar is clearer than the metronome and the vocal seems to be going through a voice filter to give it a cellphone/tinny quality. Reminds me of the hidden links on the White Album.
  8. The Last Stand
    by Westward
    This is a very climactic track by Westward which is in the vein of many a offering by Muse. In some places its a little derivative but it shows a great deal of inspiration, especially the guitar solo by Andrew Marshall, who really tries to take that break in a new direction. If you like Muse, you will love this track.
  9. River For Your Dam
    by Eric George
    This jaunty country inspired track starts off with a wonderful fanfare of fiddles but then surprises you with Eric's un-twangy vocals which gives this track a very Bob Dylan/George Harrison early 70s feel which makes River For Your Dam a track that you can replay several times and never tire of.
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  10. Let Your Colors Run - The Remixes
    by Post Death Soundtrack
    Beauty Eyes I Adore (Daring Rescue Mix by Jon Ireson) Beauty Eyes I Adore (Daring Rescue Mix by Jon Ireson)
    Let Your Colors Run - The Remixes is such a brilliant title for this album, because it really is a run of sound that's been remixed. My favourite track is Beauty Eye I Adore (Daring Rescue Mix) as it has that perfect oscillating vibe that is like being on a roundabout of sound, a turntable if you will. There's a great part in there where the bass underlies urgency of the synth loop. All in all, worth a few listens to really discern everything going on!
  11. Pico
    by zenxienz
    This track is a melange of flavours in music. It has a drum and bass running through it, with all sorts of Eastern flavours. Sometimes in parts, the track gets a little muddy but overall it's an experiment that succeeds, by Pico, to paint a picture with sound that can be enjoyed by those with an abstract ear.
  12. Big Brother
    by Staring Into Nothing
    This is a great track. It is reminiscent of Double Fantasy Era John Lennon with it's backing vocals and driving, politically charged lyrics. The music is absolutely on point, the lead guitar perfectly amps up the song into a feel good, jump around the room track that is perfect for the summer.
  13. Liberty Rising
    by Immortal Sÿnn
    This is a classic metal track, Tony Z's lead and rhythm guitar is completely on point and makes Liberty Rising one of those tracks that follows the formula of metal; distortion, screaming and lots of drums. This will be a great track for those who like this genre to headbang to but not my cup of tea, I'm afraid.
  14. Punk Cathedral
    by The Kiss That Took A Trip
    Love + algebra Love + algebra
    Punk Cathedral is an ambitious project. At times, it's not clear what The Kiss That Took A Trip is going for with the album but maybe that's the point. It's an experiment in sound. 'Kill The Pole Dancer' is one of my favourites as it is a very lazy track with the haunting "Thumb, Thumb, Thumb, stick it in your mouth!" which evokes a sense of being drugged. There might be too much going on in this album for some people but there's a lot to choose from.
  15. Moonphase Bloom (single)
    by Astral Cloud Ashes
    This harkens back to the late 90s/early 00s punk rock. The chorus effect on the guitar running through the verses is very reminiscent of Green Day. Astral Cloud Ashes are keeping it modern with the subject matter of the song to make it a fresh single!
    by Adam Winn
    Better Friend Better Friend
    This EP reminds me of my own early stuff. Acoustic, stripped down and simple yet complex lyrics. I'm getting a very ethereal vibe from this EP, Adam's vocals are the perfect. My favourite track is 'Better Friend' the picking on the guitar is just perfect and the simple drum beat keeps the tempo up for an upbeat feel to the track. All in all, a wonderful collection.
  17. Collapse
    by Saint Blasphemer
    This is a pretty standard metal track, complete with frustrated lyrics. The track tapers off in the middle, becoming a little boring for those who aren't into this genre of music. I do like the overall feel of the track and think it's a standout on Theotokos.
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  18. Something Good.
    by Matteo Scher
    New York and Me New York and Me
    This is a perfectly poignant piano driven EP by Matteo. It sounds like New York, especially the aptly titled 'New York and Me' which is a piece filled with pathos and the the hopefulness of the singer that his love will come back to New York and him. The ending, with the sad Piano flourish of Sinatra's 'New York, New York' is just sublime. This is the perfect EP for rotation at a party.
  19. Pulsar
    by Philipp Kessler
    Pulsar really lives up to its name with the pulsing, oscillating synth giving a 1980s science fiction vibe to the whole piece. This is a perfect music-scape to a film scene or a level of a game. Philipp really knows how to put these soundscapes together to paint an image in our mind.
  20. Turn On Your Light
    by Eric Frisch
    The instrumentation on this track is really tight, I love the bass and the drums perfectly complimenting the acoustic rhythm. The lead guitar is a little all over the place in the solo but over all the track is well produced and has a perfect country twang to it.