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  1. D A R W I N
    by Red Sun Atacama
  2. Axexan, espreitan
    by Moura
  3. Thödol
    by The Dry Mouths
  4. Mind Conductor
    by Sheev
  5. II
    by Out Of The Earth
  6. The Wish
    by Greenseeker
  7. The Gift Of Isolation
    by Hemingways
  8. Hashishian
    by Hashishian
  9. The Chariot
    by Valley of the Sun
  10. Mano De Mono - Chameleon Tongue
    by Electric Valley Records
  11. Kosmic Attunement to the Malevolent Rites of the Universe
    by Kamru
  12. Kill the kings
    by Kill the kings
  13. Doomed & Stoned Latinoamerica Vol. I
    by Various
  14. Crypt of Doom​
    by Green Hog Band
  15. Take It Over
    by IGMO
  16. Cleansing Ritual
    by Sator
  17. Supernovian Remnant
    by Sleeping Child
  18. Payan
    by Samavayo
  19. O, Great Moon
    by Mount Saturn
  20. Eternal
    by Aye Mammoth