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  1. Důl Lazy
    by Stanislav Abrahám
  2. New Heaven
    by Inter Arma
  3. De spiegel
    by Morvigor
  4. Chronic Illness Wish
    by Genital Shame
  5. Pimeyteen laskee joki
    by Nimetön Hauta
  6. La l'd​é​pend​å​ancsee ause kel​é​es magiquey qu​ề​ề​ề leyn florquas arkions'​,​` d'un moment ȧ l'autre'​,​;; ṫesesc omeomeas magniq'''''e de​ŝ​ŝ orne​.​.​; m​ë​nt​š​! Ėlll​ễ​s​-​mxme;;, Ėlll​ễ​s​-​les savencs​.​.​;; Nuertas se​û​i​û​lement apr​è​s la pluit​,​;;;
    by coffret de bijoux
  7. Nightmare Utopia
    by Hecatoncheir
  8. New Abrasions
    by Receive
  9. Orchards of a Futile Heaven
    by The Body & Dis Fig
  10. The Bloom of Performance
    by Mark Trecka
  11. Último Ancestral Comum
    by Bríi
  12. Echoes from the Moonriver
    by Nostalghia
  13. Wendorlan
    by Squarepusher
  14. maudissez
    by maudissez
  15. З​а​т​м​е​н​и​е (The Eclipse)
    by Offret
  16. Ghosts of Summer
    by Owl
  17. Moves in the Field
    by kelly moran
  18. Fate; The Inevitability Thereof
    by L A N D S R A A D
  19. Seventeen Dead in Caldwell County
    by Missouri Executive Order 44
  20. MURF
    by MURF