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  1. On a Darker Dawn
    by WAR//PLAGUE
    The Fourth Seal The Fourth Seal
  2. Sweet Loris
    by Irata
    Lion Slayer Lion Slayer
  3. Sidelong
    by Sarah Shook & the Disarmers
    Keep the Home Fires Burnin' Keep the Home Fires Burnin'
  4. Pillar of Fire
    by Tau Cross
    Deep State Deep State
  5. Crossover Ministry
    by Iron Reagan
    A Dying World A Dying World
  6. RLC
    by S A T U R N D U S T
    Negative-Parallel Dimensional Negative-Parallel Dimensional
  7. Ride Of The Hoof
    by Sergeant Thunderhoof
    When Time Stood Still When Time Stood Still
  8. American Beauty
    by CJ Ramone
    Girlfriend in a Graveyard Girlfriend in a Graveyard
    Street tough, no-nonsense, bruddas-approved rock 'n' roll is alive & well on CJ's latest. All tracks are shoutalong fun, broken up only by the heartfelt "Tommy's Gone" (which 'll make any 'Mones fan cry!). Roll down the windows and crank this killer record all summer long!
  9. Carrion
    by WAR//PLAGUE
    Fermentation Fermentation
  10. Guidance
    by Russian Circles
    Vorel Vorel
  11. Lucy in Blue
    by Lucy In Blue
    Senses Senses
  12. The Creation: Action Painting
    by The Creation
    Making Time Making Time
  13. Beer And Fun And Rock 'n' Roll
    by Tommy And The Rockets
    What Am I S'pose Ta Do What Am I S'pose Ta Do
    Beer! Fun! Shapely ladies! Load up the woodie and head to the beach with this super tasty can of Beach Boys-meets-Ramones suds. Nostalgic? Sure. Fun as a beach bunny after a six-pack? YOU BETCHA!!!! Good Stuff!
  14. Sleeping Through The War
    by All Them Witches
    3-5-7 3-5-7
  15. WWIII
    by the White Wires
    It's Been A While It's Been A While
    Ramones meets Big Star in a garage with a Burnt Orange Camaro inside. Perfectly catchy tunes delivered with an overdose of garage-y crunge. Great music for toolin' about with the windows down and hangin' out at the park. Rock on!
  16. Psychic Lemon
    by Psychic Lemon
    Analogue Summer Analogue Summer
    The Lemon is in my head. The head is in my Lemon. Aggressively tripped-out modern prog that doesn't disappoint. The inventive guitars and Wood-like flute are outstanding in the midst of this psychedelic stew. Good stuff, man!
    Dreams Laws rights and Duties Dreams Laws rights and Duties
    Extraordinarily accomplished post punk from Paris. While all the tropes are present, they're in support of well written songs imbued with passion and anger and raw emotion. Guitar and keyboard work are both standout.
  18. The Clarity
    by Sleep
    The Clarity The Clarity
    Backpatch. Hasheeshian. Iommic life. Fuzz and Doom and frequencies of sub drenching to the core of soul. Sleep now, and forever travel to the riff-filled lands!!!!!
  19. Moon Coven
    by Moon Coven
    Winter Winter
    Spirit of ice, Goddess of Moon, Frost Giants in the Starlit trees...This is Doom Metal writ in thunder and soaked in atmosphere. Thundering cave-troll riffs give way seamlessly to passages of sublime beauty. Strong songcraft, haunting vocals...Extremely well done, highly recommended
  20. Evil Little Things
    by Snowchild
  21. Age of Change
    by Snowchild
    Boudica Boudica
    Solid effort that takes Volume 4-era Sabbath and mixes in a good dose of classic hard rock. The standout here is "Boudica," an ambitious near space rock epic with sweeping keyboards, a direction I hope these lads will explore further down the road. Spot on.
  22. Mind Spiders - Inhumanistic
    by Dirtnap Records
    Prelude Prelude
    Ah, the sturm and clank of herky-jerky garage punk with wheezy analog synths! This batch of catchy chargers evokes everything from Devo to the Monks to a lot of weird old cinema. The soundtrack to the B&W biker chick film of your dreams!
  23. Lord Mountain
    by Lord Mountain
    Fenrir Fenrir
    Doom-laden proto metal storms upon us from out of the fens; and we were laid waste to with much in the way of elephantine riffery and the thunder of drums. Great songs, ripping guitar playing, super-strong vocal performance all add up to a kick-ass release...
  24. CHILD
    by CHILD
    All Dried Up All Dried Up
    Heavy rocking blues with just a touch of stoner/doom fuzz; just enough to heavy up the proceedings, but never takes away from the muddy water-soaked feel of the songs. Every time I play this I'm filled with urge to drink lots of bourbon. Top notch.
  25. Our Mother Electricity
    by All Them Witches
    Heavy Like A Witch Heavy Like A Witch
  26. A Sweet Release EP
    by All Them Witches
    Howdy Hoodee Slank Howdy Hoodee Slank
    Punck Rawke is alive-ish and unwell on the mean streets of Baltimore! These rat bastard rockerz serve up a slice of garbage-y trash that'll make yer mom cry and your dad kick you out of the house. turn it up loud and knock over some shit!!!!!
  28. The Occultation Of Light
    by Mondo Drag
    Out of Sight Out of Sight
  29. Dying Surfer Meets His Maker
    by All Them Witches
    Call Me Star Call Me Star
  30. Samsara
    by The Well
    I Bring The Light I Bring The Light
  31. Citizen Of Glass
    by Agnes Obel
    Familiar Familiar
    Yet another beautiful release from the amazing Ms. Obel. Even darker and more ethereal than previous releases, the album quietly pulsates with an air of deep reflection. Both vocal and instruments chime and flutter like icy birds in a midnight hall of glass. Listen to this at night with the lights out and let the warm chill envelop your soul…
  32. Pagan Science
    by The Well
    Drug From The Banks Drug From The Banks
    Snakelike riffs, ethereal vocals and strong songcraft abound in this outstanding release. The album straddles the line between the proto-metal of Sabbath and Pentagram and the psychedelic flash of early Floyd as well as the tripped out sound of sixties garage rock. From witchy blues (“Drug From the Banks”) to chugging psychedelia (“Skybound”) to full-on doom metal (“Black Eyed Gods”), there’s not a single disappointment in the bunch. Easily one of my 2016 favorites – highly recommended.
  33. Lightning At The Door
    by All Them Witches
    Funeral For A Great Drunken Bird Funeral For A Great Drunken Bird
  34. Only Ghosts
    by Red Fang
    Cut it Short Cut it Short
    Red Fang continue to evolve as songcrafters while still churning out the catchy-as-hell metallic grunge-pop we’ve all come to love. A bit of a sinister vibe here, but a sense of both humor and PBR still seem to underlay the proceedings. An excellent release from a crew that never disappoints. Roll down the windows and play loud!
    by Crypt Trip
    Natural Chylde Natural Chylde
    Takes the fuzzed out doom of their first release and ups the classic rock vibe while taking the songwriting up a notch as well. Both songs are thundering jams that call to mind the glory days of Cactus and Grand Funk. Hit play and groove!
    by Crypt Trip
    Wraiths Wraiths
    A savory helping of Texas stoner pie heavy on the riffs and slathered in fuzz. Echoes of Sabbath and Pentagram throughout but these boys have their own kickin' southern-fried vibe. Excellent.
  37. Stoned At The Throne
    by Greenbeard
    Don't Get Too Desperate Don't Get Too Desperate
    Dry desert winds blow through Tejas and bring the smoke and fuzz to the riff-filled land. Complex arrangements and thick slabs of raunch highlight this slice of sand-fueled stoner/doom.