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Patrick Clark

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  1. Mega Ran Japan Tour LP
    by Mega Ran
  2. Shadows of Adam (Official Soundtrack)
    by Tyler Mire
  3. Horizon Lounge
    by Dj CUTMAN
  4. STAGE1:半蔵門 / HANZOMON
    by Prof.Sakamoto
  5. Rejoice
    by Yoann Turpin
  6. Howl's Beach
    by Yoann Turpin
    appears in 1 other collection
  7. The Waveform Collection
    by Joshua Morse
  8. Crypt of the NecroDancer - Freestyle Retro
    by Jake Kaufman
  9. Volume IV
    by Dj CUTMAN
  10. Sigmate Rush
    by Yoann Turpin
  11. Micropower
    by Karl Brueggemann
    Telemart... it's... it's just so GOOOOD! (I don't know but I just love the upbeat chirpy music it gives!)
  12. Bits of Me
    by Brentalfloss
    The Truth About Toad The Truth About Toad
  13. Volume III
    by Dj CUTMAN
  14. Super BREAKS Bros!
    by Dj CUTMAN
  15. LP Of Devastation [Remastered]
    by The Adventures of Duane & BrandO
  16. You're a Great Zombie
    by Playing with Power!
  17. Instrumental Of Devastation
    by The Adventures of Duane & BrandO