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  1. Danzig Sings Elvis
    by Danzig
    Pocket Full Of Rainbows Pocket Full Of Rainbows
    Headphones on, walking through through the city... This album is a tear jerker. Cuz by the 3rd track my eyes were welling up with'em. The presence is sincere, covert, & understated. Then, pretty much around the time I got to the track "fever", I... I was stunned. Just wow. Glenn, thank you. This album is awesome. You managed to stop me in my tracks several times to blurt out, "holy s#*t! This is sooo f*#&+ing good!". I cannot wait to get my copy on vinyl. Bravo Danzig. Bravo.
  2. Anthology 1988 - 2012
    by Rosetta Stone
  3. When The Levee Breaks
    by Rosetta Stone
  4. Heart And Soul
    by Rosetta Stone
  5. Reason
    by Rosetta Stone
  6. Something Strange Boost
    by Rosetta Stone
  7. Deeper Boost
    by Rosetta Stone
  8. Inanna's Dream
    by Serena Gabriel - Steve Roach
  9. The Beginning
    by Nox Novacula
  10. Fin del Mundo
    by Fin Del Mundo
  11. Melu
    by Annex
  12. It's Immaterial
    by Black Marble
  13. II Tape
    by Gesture
  14. Macabre ''Demo''
    by Oscuridad Eterna
  15. Red Wedding 1981- 1985
    by Red Wedding
  16. SCARY BLACK Live at Fascination Street
  17. My Midnight Things
    by Lizzy Borden
    by Sex Gang Children
  19. Re-Enter The Abyss (The 1985 Remixes)
    by Sex Gang Children
  20. Screams for Tina
    by Screams For Tina
    Eleven Eleven Eleven Eleven
    Definitely one of the most underrated gothrock albums ever released. 'Twas great when it was first released, but it still stands the tests of time today, with high marks. It's a classic that deserves more attention, and I'm excited to finally have this gothrock gem on vinyl. Buy this. Recommended.