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Dmitry Nevozhay

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  1. Keep On
    by Mitch Murder
    Retro vibes of 80s or 90s dance floors.
  2. Hive Mind Narcosis
    by Thantifaxath
    The most anticipated release of 2023 year, from my favorite progressive black metal band. Mind bending labyrinth of composition. Masterful work, as expected
  3. Inner Dimensions
    by Unaligned
    Great tech death EP with good dynamics and flow.
  4. ØD
    by Øfdream
    Three Initiates Three Initiates
    Legacy of french trap/wave pioneer Theo, tragically passed away few years ago. Dark emotional electronics
  5. Like Ants and Snakes
    Voluntarily Gone Voluntarily Gone
    It's hard to describe, but this album is all about atmosphere and vibe. Somehow reminds me the early swiss Sadness and late belgian Emptiness, but most of all Beyond Dawn melancholy. Original polish dark post-metal
  6. Lunar Radiant Dawn
    by Mortal Incarnation
  7. 二度目の災害
    by Arkhtinn
  8. Apocrypha
    by Somnium Nox
    Great atmo black with didgeridoo from Australia
  9. Pallid Veil
    by Pallid Veil
    Blind insta purchase. Gorguts and Revocation mastermind's supergroup single.
  10. Einderlicht
    by Marche Funèbre
  11. Clouds of Confusion
    by Phlebotomized
    Grand masters of avantgarde death-doom never disappoint. They are living legends indeed
  12. SAT355: Летальный Исход - Избыточная Смертность (2022)
    by Satanath Records
  13. My Neon
    by Ghostwoods
  14. The Great Jazz Gig In The Sky
    by Savoldelli Casarano Bardoscia
    Iconic Pink Floyd's Dark side of the Moon in the jazz arrangement. Wow
  15. SAT351: Тишина - Увод... (2022)
    by Satanath Records
  16. Harlem Night Riders
    by Midnight Smoke
    Amazing noir jazz. Big thanks to @YomaBarr for this discovery
  17. Empty Floors
    by Midnight Smoke
    Super cool noir jazz, soothing and relaxing.
  18. Black Lakes - Blues
    by Black Lakes
  19. Wreche
    by Wreche
    Black metal power duo. Drums and piano are enough.
  20. Astrophobia
    by Arkhtinn
    Arkhtinn - Astrofobi Arkhtinn - Astrofobi
    Amazing cosmic atmo black ambient with interesting electronics and pinch of industrial. FFO: Alrakis.