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  1. Proponent for Sentience
    by Allegaeon
    Proponent for Sentience II - The Algorithm Proponent for Sentience II - The Algorithm
  2. Son of Earth and Sky
    by High Priest of Saturn
    Aeolian Dunes Aeolian Dunes
  3. Terminal Redux
    by Vektor
    Pillars of Sand Pillars of Sand
    More of what made Black Future and Outer Isolation great--high energy sci-fi thrash--and much more.
  4. Kataphrakt
    by Kataphrakt
    Perpetual War Perpetual War
    There isn't really a song on the album that isn't my favorite. Perpetual War happens to be the one that ends the album, making me sad that the album ended, so it makes me have to listen again.
  5. Demon
    by Dreadnought
    Demon Demon
    I bought this for Mike Bertemes' vocals. My favorite track, quite unexpectedly, became the one without vocals.
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