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  1. MMXIX
    by Aitherios
  2. Eternally Onward
    by Aitherios
  3. Myiasis
  4. Severed Life
    by Apparition
  5. Occhiolism
    by Hatalom
  6. Grand Malevolence (Death Metal)
    by DEPRAVITY (Australia)
  7. Maelstrom
    by Exocrine
  8. Vore
    by Serocs
  9. Supernal Flame
    by Arkaik
  10. The Path to Oblivion
    by Goreworm
  11. Perverse Devolution
    by Breeding Filth
  12. Land of the damned
    by Vomit the hate
  13. Ergodic EP
    by Ergodic
    Exalted Ignorance Exalted Ignorance
    Very good, powerful Tech Death and well worth a listen. Not only have an original sound but I'd also say way ahead of the field. Really looking forward to future releases.
  14. Shrine of the Obscene
    by The Odious Construct
    Shrine of the Obscene Shrine of the Obscene
  15. Legacy of the serpent EP
    by Helion
  16. The Misanthrope
    by Abysmal Torment
    The Misanthrope The Misanthrope
  17. Crypteria
    by Crypteria
  18. Samsara
    by Venom Prison
    Matriphagy Matriphagy
  19. MMXIX
    by Aitherios
  20. Parasitic Spawn
    by Anomalism
    Cryptosphere Cryptosphere