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  1. Lazer Vision
    by The Glitch Mob X ZEKE BEATS
  2. System Bleed
    by The Glitch Mob X LICK
  3. Chemicals - EP
    by The Glitch Mob
    Routine, nothing ground-breaking.
  4. Momentary Lapse
    by The Glitch Mob X 1788-L
  5. Myriad Drone
    by Myriad Drone
  6. The Black Moon
    by HOLY FAWN
    Candy Candy
  7. Lenten Distance
    by Ghost Lode
  8. Solace (Remastered)
    by Jakob
  9. Cale:Drew (Remastered)
    by Jakob
  10. Subsets Of Sets (Remastered)
    by Jakob
  11. Successors
    by And So I Watch You From Afar
  12. Heirs
    by And So I Watch You From Afar
  13. Last Chance To Dance
    by The Undercover Hippy
  14. Why Don't You
    by Cleo Sol
  15. Rise
    by Lane 8
    Rise Rise
    Not Lane 8's most outstanding album. His signature sound and atmosphere are still there, but the tracks aren't terribly catchy.
  16. EP III
    by CRYSEHD
    Gold Gold
    Came for 'Warrior', stayed for 'Gold'. Some tracks stand out more than others but comes recommended for fans of darksynth.
  17. The Elise Collabs
    by Elise Trouw & Jonathan Fraser
    How to Get What You Want (Jonathan Fraser Remix) How to Get What You Want (Jonathan Fraser Remix)
    Exactly what I expected from Jonathan Fraser and more of what got me into him. The man has a gift for creating dreamy riffs and moody vibes. The only downside is that most of the tracks are pretty short due to the nature of their production, but man is this a wild ride.
  18. Vanisher
    by CABLE
  19. no place for two
    by shallov
  20. concrete & glass
    by shallov