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  1. HeartTones
    by Julia Massey and the Five Finger Discount
    Remember Remember
  2. This Far Alive
    by Wonder
    Bird Bird
  3. Forgive yr. Blood
    by solvents
    We were guests here We were guests here
  4. Burn the Answers
    by Wonder
    Starting Line Starting Line
  5. Borrowed Ground
    by Intisaar
    Sequin Sequin
  6. The Sadness Will Last Forever
    by Three Ninjas & His Weird Old Tricks
    Rye Blues Rye Blues
  7. A.L.I.T.E.
    by Julia Massey & the Five Finger Discount
    Die Before You Die, Part I. Die Before You Die, Part I.
  8. Silly Lecture Series
    by The Hoot Hoots
    Play Play
  9. Wooing House
    by The Yev
    Roadtrip Roadtrip
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  10. The Evergreen State Movie Soundtrack
    by Robb Benson
    My Journey My Journey
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  11. Daily Benson
    by Daily Benson
    Anyway Anyway
  12. Seen Too Much
    by Robb Benson & the SHELK
    I Really Love The Way You Make Me Feel I Really Love The Way You Make Me Feel
    by Chyeah Chyeah
    Breathe of Fresh Air Breathe of Fresh Air
    Bremerton based high energy indie pop- funk rock. Urban dictionary describes this as a Noun denoting a drinking fun chant to pump up, but I see the word as an adjective modifying boring old rock music into something electric, playful and a bit dirty
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  14. Cursive Falls From The Sky
    by Robb Benson & The Shelk
    The Way Through The Way Through
    Robb covers a lot of territory and range of sound in this release. He's a hook writing, multi instrument playing, vocal chameleon. In "the way through" he invokes the spirit of Talking Heads. In Let them eat cake there is a a hint of the harmonies of a Freddie Mercury Ballad. He could be the lost travelling Willbury,
  15. Five Letters From Far Away
    by Julia Massey & the Five Finger Discount
    Orbiter Orbiter
    I'm really enchanted by this sequence on Orbiter. Julia & co move further into cosmic/synth territory on this album. Standouts include the ecclesiastical "who silently suffers", The Bass work on "Song of the dying", and the very thoughtful and sweet last track "Here is a stone wall" which leaves the sense Julia and we are decompressing in comfy chairs sipping herb tea together after the show.
  16. African Girl
    by Naomi Wachira
    African Girl African Girl
    very clean Afro soul production- sweet vocals, organic percussion & guitar. Only 3 tracks from this beauty unfortunately. left me wanting more.
  17. The Glyptodons EP
    by The Glyptodons
    The Facetoucher The Facetoucher
    Portland pop mixed with the earnest vocals of folk/country like sensibilities. "Facetoucher" reminds me of childhood shows I watched in the 70's. "Joyous little buggy ride" at the end of this album is a very apt title.
  18. Monster Love Machine
    by Christa Says Yay
    Dissonance Of Life Dissonance Of Life
    spanking new Retro Old school Blues rock with a soulful Diva voice.
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  19. Sedgefield Fair: More-or-less traditional songs from England & Scotland
    by Jane Peppler
    Sedgefield Fair Sedgefield Fair
    Something on the lighter side. Even though I don't play traditional music on the Concertina, I still like to hear it sing out in it's native grounds.
  20. Weirdisms vol. 1
    by roygbiv records
    Merry Go Round Merry Go Round
  21. Make Sleepstophers
    by Three Ninjas
    The Ecstasy of Mallard The Ecstasy of Mallard
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  22. Ministry of Kultur
    by Kultur Shock
    lovesexfoodmoney lovesexfoodmoney
    Amy Denio for Starters. Mysterious Central European/Balkan influence meets heavy metal. Plus Grandpa guru and I share kinship of the beard.
  23. As The Building Crumbles
    by The Glass Notes
    Threat Threat
    I just started hearing them live for the first time at the Manette. They bring the best dancers with them.
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  24. Amateur Cartography
    by The Gator
    Coeur d'Alene Coeur d'Alene
  25. "Guess Who's Pregnant?"
    by Seattle Tuba Project
    Track 1 Track 1
    I love horns and odd eccletic arrangements. This is the lo fi holiday classic of years to come, more so than my own undersea christmas.
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  26. Saves The World
    by Three Ninjas
    I Don't Stare On Purpose I Don't Stare On Purpose
    Three Ninjas brings surprises. It may be an ambitious and well executed Hank Williams tribute, or a room full of people singing "Going down on you is my medicine" to each other...

    To ask what is he? A self deprecating nerdcore hip hop savant or just sad and lonely kid from NOLA?

    Jason can pick up a guitar and croon like those old bastards from yesterday. instead he chooses to push buttons and sing about what is important to him ; science, relationships, respect for women, the sense of self.
  27. Scatterbrain
    by Electric NoNo
    Evolution Evolution
    I needed to learn a few tunes off of here as I was bringing the Cortese brothers over to bainbridge to play at the Island grill. It always interesting to track the changes in a bands dynamics between albums, and what not.
  28. Witches Bones 'n' Whale Skin
    by Gods Favorite Beefcake
    The Horror The Horror
    To be honest, I didn't know about these guys until the Cafe Racer shootings. I thought I could help their estate by buying it, but I discovered I really liked the album.
  29. Before the Eye
    by Geli Wuerzner
    Beholder Beholder
    I had a bit of a crush on Geli, but I could never be sure if it was on her as a woman or as the talent.
  30. Boxing Day
    by Geli Wuerzner

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