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  1. The Art of Not Being Yourself
    by Dragon and Berr
  2. Return to Solaris
    by Kevin Richard Martin
  3. The Whole World's a Window and I Can't See a Thing
    by Pie Are Squared
  4. Divide
    by Galati|Mosconi
  5. Illustration of Hope
    by Music For Sleep
  6. Suddenly
    by Krystian Shek
  7. Heat Death (MM085)
    by Leyden Jars
  8. Persistent Dreams
    by Living Pictures
  9. Body Is Torture, Mind Is Delusion, Fate Is A Frantic Fairy; Screaming For Your Life, All You Hear Is Another Victim Who Hates You
    by Wings Of An Angel
  10. Flowline
    by John Haughey
    subscriber exclusive
  11. ON039 - Selected Works: The Hibernation Diaries
  12. Foraging Postures
    by old70
  13. From perihelion to aphelion - A Veinte 33 Records Compilation.
    by AAVV
  14. 46 Downerz
    by MJC
  15. Secrets of The Night
    by Notorious Secret
  16. Imperial Valley, III
    by Imperial Valley
  17. A Place To Call Home
    by Charles Patrick Henstrom III featuring Tom Markey
  18. Hellmouth
    by Death Tape Super Bass
  19. Harbingers Of Death 2
    by El Maryacho & Nowaah The Flood
  20. Bhí an Ghrian Brónach agus Bhí na Daoine Sásta
    by Burden