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  1. In This Style
    by Automatic Shoes
    All Alone All Alone
    As a very long time Bolan fan I'd never imagined hearing so wonderful covers of his songs. Matthew Joseph Hugues makes them his owns but meanwhile paradoxically respects Bolan's interpretation. It's a kind of miracle. Often he improves them and shows their true quality once the heavy arrangements are eliminated (eg. All Alone). A must have for every Bolan addict.
  2. The Pig and The Machine
    Pink Custard Pie Pink Custard Pie
    This album is really great. One of his best. Loved it from start to finish. The way Harry Cloud jumps from one style to another, sometimes mixing them and succeeding in each one is stunning. If times knew to separate good music from bad he'd be a star. If you can imagine Syd Barrett leading Black Sabbath or Dan Treacy leading the Pixies so you can imagine how good is this LP.
  3. Basketball Breakups
    by Good Morning
    War On Me War On Me
    Good Morning make the albums we dream the Kinks would have made in the early seventies. But with their own idiosyncrasy. This LP is another gem. In these hard times, never a music has been more vital.
  4. BLUES
    by RG ROUGH
    Blues- part 1 Blues- part 1
    Successful hybridation of blues and electro through their visceral pulsatility. You won't hear something like this elsewhere. Machine music being at last human.
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  5. Hammered
    by Jackson Reid Briggs & The Heaters
    Always Takes Time Always Takes Time
    Whenever I want to hear powerful and loud music I listen to Jackson Reid Briggs & the Heaters. This year offer is one of their best. There's few other bands that can propose something that reaches the excitation punk used to provide. They can.
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  7. All Time Present
    by Chris Forsyth
    Tomorrow Might As Well be Today Tomorrow Might As Well be Today
    A great guitar album. If you like the Byrds and Let's Active, you'll love it. The guitar playing shares a lot with Johnny Marr and Mitch Easter. A sort of miracle that such an album can be made today.
  8. PCP Presents Alice In Wonderland Jr
    by Tunabunny
    Incinerate Incinerate
    At least an aventurous album in the vein of the great experimental journeys from the late sixties. Not everything may fit (y)our tastes but there are enough gems to worth the acquisition. And Incinerate should have been a massive hit
  9. Humanworld
    by Peter Perrett
    Heavenly Day Heavenly Day
    A wonderful collection of great tunes by one of the main singer composer of the last 50 years. It was so unexpected he was able to achieve such a come-back. Heavenly Day is one of his best songs.
  10. Joy as an Act of Resistance.
    by IDLES
    I'm Scum I'm Scum
    Was first deceived by this second opus but I got used to and now I think it's a gread addition to their first one. The best thing that happened to rock music for a long time.
  11. The Option
    by Good Morning
    You Up? You Up?
    The reincarnation of Ray Davies and the Kinks era 1966. Totally stunning. Would maybe like more substance in the lyrics.
  12. You Up? / People Say
    by Good Morning
  13. The Cosmo Cleaners
    by Uranium Club
  14. Scholars
    by Buke and Gase -
  15. It All Comes Down
    by Jackson Reid Briggs & The Heaters
  16. Jericho Sirens
    by Hot Snakes
    by The Spires
    Tonight's Music Tonight's Music
    This band is a blessing, a miracle of music that I thought was lost forever. Melodies, classic songs, superb solo guitar parts, sense of song progression. Another masterpiece by one of the best bands in the world.
  18. Nourishment
    by Flesh Mother
  19. Sterilize
    by Unsane
  20. Hell's Garden
    by Crazy Bones