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  1. Out Of Order
    by I Ya Toyah
    Vast Spaces Vast Spaces
    Instantly one of my top albums of 2021, I loved the build of Out of Order from the gate, but Vast Spaces is fabulous.
  2. Come On!
    by its.tursi
  3. The UnSubs
    by The UnSubs
  4. Drift
    by RxGibbs
  5. DT013 - Diabolique
    by Mrs Dink
  6. Terrible Christmas
    by Seibold the Terrible
  7. Honesty
    by The Purge
    Self Repair (Alethea's Song) Self Repair (Alethea's Song)
    While I tend to fall out of Goth/Industrial these days (please don't take my card, black is still my favorite color) and into other genres, The Purge always brings me back. The track "Self Repair" really hit home for me, lyrically and musically. The Cure influence is unmistakable, but it's also obviously a unique homage and not a stolen sound. Highly recommended.
  8. Rain
    by The Purge
    Rain Rain
    Different This Time is a stand out on this excellent album. The driving bass line sucks you into the poignant vocals so the lyrical pain can slap you down. But the title track, Rain, is the Pièce De Résistance. The Purge always makes me so happy to be made so sad.
  9. Lowlife
    by Tel
  10. Damaged If I Don't Broken If I Do
    by The Purge
  11. Appeal of the Void
    by Nur Black
    by DUSTERS
  13. The Bad Ideas We Build Worlds
    by The Purge
    It's a Bad Idea It's a Bad Idea
    I think a lot of people will become fans of The Purge because of Only Black, as it resonates with every goth. But It's a Bad Idea is a much more accurate personal anthem for me.
  14. It's a Bad Idea
    by The Purge
  15. Proverbial 11 v5
    by Proverbial 11
  16. Grotesque
    by Missy Hell
    Dead End Dead End
  17. Meet Mr. Hate
    by Seibold the Terrible
  18. Selected Works: 2009-2016
    by Savka
  19. (alternate) realities
    by Savka
  20. Pixels Vol. 1
    by Savka