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  1. Animal Style LP
    by Indidjinous
  2. Runaway Train
    by State of Mind, Smooth
  3. Breakcore A Go-Go! - The 666MPH Remixes
    by Bong-Ra
    wut Time Travel experiment?? 🧪
  4. Nostromo
    by Evol Intent
  5. Alvin Kelly
    by Kool Keith
    H i s N a m e I s A L V I N
  6. Back To The Old School EP
    by Tugie
    I d e n t i c a l T o N o n e
  7. Hellfish vs The Teknoist
    by deathchant records
    W O L F M A N <3
  8. Gangsta Bitch
    by Tymon & Detest
  9. The Jab
    by Promo
    A l l L i e s
  10. StereoKiller EP
    by Deformer
  11. Devine Chances
    by DJ Hidden
    Devine Chances (Dynamic Master) Devine Chances (Dynamic Master)
    S Q U I S H Y
  12. The Hardcore Party EP
    by The Outside Agency
  13. Wall Street
    by Kool Keith
    I N V E S T N O W
  14. Gangsta
    by Gancher & Ruin
  15. Malfunction EP
    by Counterstrike
    E V E R Y T H I N G i s F I N E
  16. Exoskeleton
    by Deathmachine
  17. Timeline
    by Donny, Katharsys, Counterstrike, DJ Hidden & Visceral
    F A S S B E N D I N G
  18. Eldarc
    by Cradle
  19. Hail Satan
    by Satronica
    I <3 T H I S
  20. For the Living
    by drumcorps