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  1. the fifth bully
    by /f
  2. hahahaha ha ah aha hahahahahah aha haha ha ah ahahahahhahahahahahhha HA HA HAahah HA HA hahaha hA HAHAHAHHAHA!
    by /f
    bomb theory (director cut) bomb theory (director cut)
  3. Natural Born Killa EP [2015 Remasters]
    by Photek
    by NEUPINK
    Blissfrog Heart Locket (feat. Your Arms Are My Cocoon & City Light Mosaic) Blissfrog Heart Locket (feat. Your Arms Are My Cocoon & City Light Mosaic)
    never misses & never disappoints.
  5. I, II, III, IV
    by Exit Doors Found
  6. the girls skin trade
    by 虹釜太郎
  7. El Día Que Me Quieras (neji-171)
    by Satanicpornocultshop
    by NEUPINK
  9. Post-Internet
    by Golden Living Room
  10. 私は眠っているだけです
  11. Just A Render Of A Girl
    by Life Silence Genesis
  12. Crystal Skies Arisen
    by Life Silence Genesis
  13. Species of Crystalline Genesis
    by Life Silence Genesis
    Minus Blossom Minus Blossom
    You really haven't heard anything enchanting as this.
  14. Plug In, Drop Out
    by Golden Living Room
    Broke My Heart Broke My Heart
    One of the most perfect albums I've ever heard. The dark, melancholy vibe is utterly unmatched. Listen and imagine you're in a small apartment gazing out the window; raindrops pour down below and onto your balcony. It's winter, but no snow has come. You sit on your couch and wonder about how you got there. Days pass like the turning pages of a book. Somebody broke your heart.
  15. Anhedonia
    by Glass Double
  16. RE•SET
    by Vektroid
    Segfault Temple Vigo Segfault Temple Vigo
    This is the most colorful noise album I've ever heard.
  17. Color Ocean Road
    by Vektroid
  18. 連結 2017-2020
    by Mr. Ocean
  19. Flight
    by HCMJ
  20. Neo Cali
    by Vektroid