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  1. Imperishable Realm
    by Inner Sphere / Fall of Gnosis / Pythonissam
  2. Avernus Emissary (EP)
    by Vølus
  3. Writhing Tomb Amongst the Stars
    by Venomous Echoes
    Pvre excellence!!!
  4. Распад
    by Икотка
  5. Immortal Black Flame
    by Sigh Of Defeat
  6. Deathlike Illusion (EP)
    by Fall of Gnosis
    Everyone needs more Lovecraftian Death-Doom in their life, pick this up!
  7. River Rot (Demo)
    by Mogila Deathcult (Serbia)
    Awesome Death Metal!!!
  8. Oathsworn Vengeance
    by Vølus
    Volus does it again with glorious punishing Black Death greatness!!!
  9. Throne of the Lunar Soul
    by VALDRIN
    Such an awesome mix of Symphonic, Thrash, and proper USBM-- just saw these guys live too and they put on a killer show!
  10. False Light
    by White Ward
  11. White Hart!
    by slidhr
    What a killer album!!! Hail Slidhr!!!
  12. Une balle dans le pied
    by Throane
    This may be their best release yet, debating aside, you will be thrown into the abyss of your mind. Absolutely crushing greatness.
  13. Crux Simplex
    by Profanatica
    OUGH!!!! Hails Profanatica!!!
  14. Unholy Deification
    by Incantation
  15. The Enduring Spirit
    by Tomb Mold
    This is a huge leap in a differing mesh of styles from and with what we've come to enjoy out of the sound of Tomb Mold, and I'm not mad one bit. Killer stuff!!!!
  16. Nuclear Winter Archives
    by Morgue Walker
  17. Decay
    by Guts (Finland)
    AWESOME OSDM revival from Finland- Mahtava!
  18. Astraal Constellations of the Majickal Zodiac
  19. Tenebrous Oblations
    by Thaumaturgy
    Just a damn good album all around, brilliant stuff.
  20. Shrines to Dagon
    by Out of the Mouth of Graves
    IA FTHAGN!!! Filthy greatness that you must submit to!!!