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  1. Empire Of The Blind
    by Heathen
  2. The Evolution Of Chaos (10th Anniversary Edition)
    by Heathen
  3. Victims Of Deception
    by Heathen
    Kragen Lum (Guitar) was kind enough to send me the album in WAV format. Very cool guy.
  4. Vinkelvolten - [FS007]
    by Bauri
    Amethyst Amethyst
    Quintessential FireScope release. Top notch tunes on this. I only wish there were more.
  5. Ghastly Garden Centres
    by Moon Wiring Club
    October Creosote Kiosk October Creosote Kiosk
    Ghoulish melodies over kick and snare beats, with the occasional spoken word sample. "A refreshing manifestation" indeed. All MWC releases should be required listening, the earlier in life the better.
  6. Twenty Years on Ben Nevis
    by Neil Scrivin
  7. This Has No Longer Been the Future
    by Neil Scrivin
  8. Mission Tapes Vol. I
    by The GulfFire
    First Hour First Hour
    Analog, minimal, stark. Everything that makes up classic synth based electronic music.
  9. Solar Dream Reel
    by Phono Ghosts
    Diagrams or Brain Thoughts Diagrams or Brain Thoughts
    My favorite album by Phono Ghosts. Some of the most beautiful melodies I have ever heard, in the world of synth-based electronic production. This will forever take me back to the summer of 2017, spent in San Diego riding motorcycles and bicycles up the coast and at the beach.
  10. Warm Pad, Sharp Stab
    by Phono Ghosts
  11. Photons in Fashion
    by Phono Ghosts
  12. 1998
    by Xoop
    appears in 1 other collection
  13. Hello Reason
    by Xoop
  14. D.O.G Style - The Black Dog
    by The Black Dog
    One of my favorite songs by The Black Dog. The swirling primary synth melody is lovely.
  15. Merci Pierre - [FS021]
    by BOA ft Mathieu Deranlot
  16. Isomer Shift EP
    by Kirk Degiorgio
  17. B12 Records Archive Volume 4
    by B12
  18. I Do Not Exist EP
    by Kirk Degiorgio
  19. B12 Records Archive Volume 6
    by B12
    Basic Rhythm Basic Rhythm
    Volume 6 is the full Prelude Part 1 release from 1993.
  20. Last Days Of Silence Remixes
    by B12
    More Than One (Cmetric Remix) More Than One (Cmetric Remix)