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DJ Paine

  1. Geelong, Australia
  2. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. Notes, Volume 1
    by Heath McNease
  2. The Art Of Living
    by Sareem Poems & Newselph
  3. Fresh Mode
    by Ugly Duckling
  4. Journey To Anywhere
    by Ugly Duckling
  5. Taste The Secret
    by Ugly Duckling
    Turn It Up Turn It Up
    one of the best live hip hop acts ever.
  6. Bang For The Buck
    by Ugly Duckling
  7. Audacity
    by Ugly Duckling
  8. Horrendous Disc [HD Deluxe-Disc 1]
    by Daniel Amos
    Hound Of Heaven Hound Of Heaven
    steeped in legend and controversy - one of the most underrated classics ever.
  9. Trophies
    by Luxury
  10. Silver & Gold
    by Sufjan Stevens
    Ah Holy Jesus Ah Holy Jesus
  11. Serious Face
    by Mike McCarthy
    Serious Face Serious Face
    a foot in both quirky indy songwriter pop and blues. an amazing talent.
  12. Curiosities And Such
    by Joy Electric
    Let Us Speak No More, Let Us Speak Light Let Us Speak No More, Let Us Speak Light
    Ronnie Martin {who is J.E} is basically one of the musical cornerstones of my life.
  13. Manic X- The Diagnosis
    by Manic X
    Burn It Down Burn It Down
    On of the most honest hip-hop albums released from Australia. Amazing
  14. The Honey Bee
    by peace586
    Honey Bee Honey Bee
  15. Hotdoggin
    Hotdoggin Hotdoggin
    Playdough. Mad Skillz
  16. Muddy Squirrel Tape EP
    by Krum & Theory Hazit
    Pocket Full Of Empty Pocket Full Of Empty
  17. SPAT
    by Krum & Theory Hazit
  18. Harry In Your Pocket
    by Krum
  19. Writer Dye
    Kick in TheDoors with Othello and Theory Hazit Kick in TheDoors with Othello and Theory Hazit
    It's Playdough fools! what more needs to be said.
  20. Ode To A Cadillac