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DJ Marshbag

  1. Burntwood, UK
  2. Metal
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    by GURT
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    Horrendosaurus Horrendosaurus
  2. Misshapen Congenital Entropy
    by Unfathomable Ruination
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    Carved Inherent Delusion Carved Inherent Delusion
  3. Adding Heads to the Pile
    by A Band of Orcs
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    In the Keeper's Chamber In the Keeper's Chamber
    What do you get when five burly, surly, dimension jumping Orc's, sent to bring the domination to our puny planet, get a hold of musical instruments and an (un)willing studio tech? The answer: "Adding Heads to the Pile" and thirteen awesome death metal tracks. Those who listen will undoubtedly come to understand... and they may very well be spared when the domination finally comes! Hail Gzoroth!
  4. EP
    by Disciples Of Torture
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    Abhorrent Female Degeneracy Abhorrent Female Degeneracy
    Are we hearing the future of Australian Death Metal? I certainly hope so! With their debut EP, totally brutal and unwavering, Disciples of Torture firmly cement themselves as masters of the "riff slam", and leave me with little doubt there will be big things ahead for this band!
  5. Warchiefs of the Apocalypse
    by A Band of Orcs
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    I, Gogog I, Gogog
  6. Theoktony
    by Bloodshot Dawn
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    Bloodshot Dawn have been on the rise on the UK metal scene for some time, and producing tracks like Theoktony it is easy to see exactly why. These guys will be huge! And to top it off, all proceeds from you purchasing a copy go to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation!
  7. Through The Eyes of Carnality
    by Kataleptic
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    Subversion Subversion
    Does owning this EP need justification? Just listen and you will understand that Kataleptic should be a staple part of any self-respecting music connoisseur's death metal diet. Through the Eyes of Carnality breeds pure brutality through every down-tuned lick, smashed home by every guttural lyric. If after sampling this you are not adding it to your collection so you can take it wherever you go, you are obviously not metal... and you probably follow Beiber on twitter (just sayin').
  8. Lomera EP
    by Lomera
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    No Way But The River No Way But The River