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  1. High & Slowed Some
    by The Howard Hughes Suite
    Reverie Mk II Reverie Mk II
    Fabulous a newish long player mix by my favourite reclusive pedal steel\slide drone cowboy, The Howard Hughes Suite. He has taken his High & Lonesome album & streeeeeeetched it to it's harmonic spacious depth. Perfect for meditations & introspection. Is this the sound a black hole makes?
  2. Retrograde Vol. I
    by The Howard Hughes Suite
    To Be Alone To Be Alone
    Oh wow this is totally different to any other pedal steel music I've ever heard, full of instrumental atmospherics, disembodied voices, samples, turntables & trippity hobbity beats. Music for your next dream, your next nightmare, your next life!..... I'm glad to have found the elusive & reclusive Howard Hughes (Suite). Keep the music close to your heart Richie & pass me the acid laced whiskey.
  3. Dirty Country
    by Broken Radio
    Walking On Cobblestone Walking On Cobblestone
    My favourite German Country & Western star. This is not polka music, this is pure original quality C&W. Fav track is the Johnny Cash Tex-Mex track .
    Walking On Cobblestone
  4. On Pink Floyd EP
    by All India Radio
    Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun (feat. Yin) Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun (feat. Yin)
    My fav cosmic space cowboy Martin Kennedy of All India Radio is setting his controls to the heart of a Pink Floydian sun, that is obscured by cirrus minor clouds, in a Julia sunset dream. Sounds like a Floydian slip.
    You know what a Floydian slip is don't you? When you say one thing but mean Roger Waters mother.
  5. Quincy Jones - Summer In The City (Ole Smokey's Inst Chant)
    by Ole Smokey
    Everything Ole Smokey produces is downtempo Balearic gold. Not so much as remixes more as re-workings of old classics. Which I'm sure Ole Smokey is old classic.
  6. High & Lonesome
    by The Howard Hughes Suite
    Desert Spirits Desert Spirits
    I have always been a fan of ambient pedal steel guitar with it's crying & mournful sound perfectly singing the sound of loneliness & empty spaces. Finding the mysteries & reclusive Howard Hughes Suite has been a blessing. Anything he puts his guitar plucks to is worth a listen whilst dreaming of the western desserts of cosmic cowboy soaked mythology.
  7. the slow wave
    by Anthéne
    sentries sentries
    Only discovered Anthéne recently but I have since been listening to past recordings. These weightless drones are perfect for meditation or relaxing sleep. The sounds of a soaring bowed sustained note flying through the clouds, singing to the Gods.
  8. The Underworld (Afterworld Outtakes)
    by All India Radio
    Sula Guin (feat. Devin Townsend) [Original Long Version] Sula Guin (feat. Devin Townsend) [Original Long Version]
    Although these are free outtakes, demos & remixes from the last album "Afterworld" they are within themselves worthy tunes; sounding like Pink Floyd (& there is a remix of Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun) have moved from the Dark Side, into the black light of a Twin Peaks soundtrack with some ambient guitar licks from Ennio Morricone. Out of this world "space music" at it's best to chill & excite whilst sipping a cocktail or smoking that blunt..
  9. Context
    by Hotel Neon
    12:41 AM 12:41 AM
    The previous album Remnants is on high rotation for those times when you need to sleep or even drown out other noise (the party next door). This is akin to listening to Brian Eno's tinnitus, full of warm sweeping drones that cover you like a fluffy blanket. Perfect if you like Stars of the Lid.
  10. Remnants
    by Hotel Neon
    Chains Chains
    Dark soul matter music for falling to sleep with; the depth & open space to fulfill all your dreams.
  11. We Persuade Ourselves We Are Immortal
    by The Amorphous Androgynous
    Immortality Break Immortality Break
    This freaked out symphonic prog rock ensemble is the equivalent to taking Owsley acid whilst time traveling backwards in a liquid sunshine UFO. Not only can I hear the gizmo from Godley & Creme's Consequences album but listen closely & you will hear Tubular Bells, Led Zep, King Crimson & a tonne of other rock samples all hosted by Phil Spector's Wall OF Sound.
  12. Steel Hymns
    by The Howard Hughes Suite
    Hymn #1 Hymn #1
    As a meditator (someone who practise meditation) I'm always on the lookout for quite, soft music with lots of open space. These "songs of praise" are to the wonderful drone that can be achieved by a sustained single note. All hail the great steel.
  13. Smoke from a Future Fire
    by The Howard Hughes Suite
    Silver Moon, Turquoise Sea Silver Moon, Turquoise Sea
    Some people call him the space cowboy...with atmospheric sounds similar to Brian Eno & Daniel Lanois's Apollo; evoking lush & lonesome steel & peddle sounds of a desert nite sky, sitting around a campfire looking up at the billions of stars & double moons of a distant planet along with my trusty winged horse with no name. I drift off to dream of John Wayne lost in the wilderness of empty space.
  14. Reconstructions
    by David Bridie & All India Radio
    Desert Home Desert Home
    2 Aussie legends, Martin Kennedy from All India Radio & David Bridie from Not Drowning Waving collaborating on a ambient project. Soaring soundscapes of Martins space cowboy guitar with the earthly sound of David's piano to bring it all back to Earth. What's not to like.
  15. Healing Is A Miracle - Extended Versions
    by Julianna Barwick
    Inspirit (Extended Version) Inspirit (Extended Version)
    I am so glad that these tracks now have Extended Version's as I never want them to end. This is the sound of The Caretaker floating in space.
  16. Boredom Never Looked So Good
    by Funki Porcini
    A Trembling Heart A Trembling Heart
    This album suites the COVID-19 times whereby life has slowed to a halt, allowing us all to look inward & meditate; not on boredom but on how ambient the new norm can be. Indeed it is a Long Road & There Is No Turning Back.
  17. So Let Us Melt
    by Jessica Curry
    A Lullaby of Home A Lullaby of Home
    OMG the first track (which is only a minute or so long) gave me goosebumps, chills & a eargasm all at the same time. Lush strings, choral choirs, cinematic sound paintings of great art.
  18. Outlaws EP [DANK031]
    by The Widdler & Otz
    Once Upon A Time Once Upon A Time
    I'll buy that for a dollar....great Spaghetti Western samples n beats.
  19. Everything You've Forgotten (Free Beat Tape)
    by Paul White
    From it's undecided intro & sampling of Godley & Creme's Consequences, I could tell I was going to enjoy this abstract Attention Deficit Disco mix. Paul has thrown it all into a blender & pressed pulse, everything from world music to rock n hip hop with a running narrative on making your mind up on; come on just what is it you want to play. Well you'll need to listen to find out.
  20. Everyone Alive Wants Answers
    by Colleen
    Everyone Alive Wants Answers Everyone Alive Wants Answers
    Colleen's work has always been beguiling with it's complicated rhythms, reminiscent of Steve Reich or Philip Glass. To be taken back through time, to listen to her the first album is a treat. There's something about the comfort, space & vibe(raphone) between these polyrhythmic loops, that take me to strange world journeys of Gamelan on acid. The simplicity is divine.