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  1. Eternal
    by All India Radio
  2. The Good Shit Downunder 1980-1989
    by VARIOUS / Cassette + Bonus Downloads Pack
  3. So Let Us Melt
    by Jessica Curry
    A Lullaby of Home A Lullaby of Home
    OMG the first track (which is only a minute or so long) gave me goosebumps, chills & a eargasm all at the same time. Lush strings, choral choirs, cinematic sound paintings of great art.
  4. Outlaws EP [DANK031]
    by The Widdler & Otz
    Once Upon A Time Once Upon A Time
    I'll buy that for a dollar....great Spaghetti Western samples n beats.
  5. Context
    by Hotel Neon
    12:41 AM 12:41 AM
    The previous album Remnants is on high rotation for those times when you need to sleep or even drown out other noise (the party next door). This is akin to listening to Brian Eno's tinnitus, full of warm sweeping drones that cover you like a fluffy blanket. Perfect if you like Stars of the Lid.
  6. Everything You've Forgotten (Free Beat Tape)
    by Paul White
    From it's undecided intro & sampling of Godley & Creme's Consequences, I could tell I was going to enjoy this abstract Attention Deficit Disco mix. Paul has thrown it all into a blender & pressed pulse, everything from world music to rock n hip hop with a running narrative on making your mind up on; come on just what is it you want to play. Well you'll need to listen to find out.
  7. Everyone Alive Wants Answers
    by Colleen
    Everyone Alive Wants Answers Everyone Alive Wants Answers
    Colleen's work has always been beguiling with it's complicated rhythms, reminiscent of Steve Reich or Philip Glass. To be taken back through time, to listen to her the first album is a treat. There's something about the comfort, space & vibe(raphone) between these polyrhythmic loops, that take me to strange world journeys of Gamelan on acid. The simplicity is divine.
  8. The Haunted World
    by All India Radio
    Near Dawn Near Dawn
    Martin Kennedy's new beatless drone excursion is haunting in it's ethereal beauty. Sounding like a space cowboy in zero gravity with room to move, breath, dream & drift. 10 tracks of sublime ambience from a band with the output of over 30 albums, All India Radio know what they are doing & they are doing it very well.
  9. Refuge from The Great Sadness
    by Gentleforce
    You hold my hand through the Gate You hold my hand through the Gate
    I stumbled upon Gentleforce via a link from Tim Ritchie & Kinderling radio, I've been listening to a lot drone, ambient field recordings, head music & this particular album has everything needed for a sonic journey & a good lie down. Which I believe Eli Murray intended, it's great to hear a Sydney based artist exploring new territory.
  10. Beautiful Arabic Surface / Cheerio Inner Moon
    by Severed Heads
    Cheerio Inner Moon Cheerio Inner Moon
    Thank God for Severed Heads; this reminds of the early Terese Tape daze & specifically Clifford Darling, Please Don't Live In The Past.
  11. Remnants
    by Hotel Neon
    Chains Chains
    Dark soul matter music for falling to sleep with; the depth & open space to fulfill all your dreams.
  12. Other Side EP
    by Shy One
    Mic Man Mic Man
    Wobbly funky broken beatz I doubt this young UK 2 step producer DJ is a shy one; with a sound like this she will soon be known all over. As Mic Man says, “Don’t be standing back there like a plum man I wanna come out here and do my shit with my DJ!”
  13. Mind Tape
    by NO ZU
    No Zu are a Melbourne punk-funk outfit taking a pinch of Rip Rig & Panic, a dash of SPK (disco version) & a large slice of A Certain Ratio. This 30 min spreadable jam delivers a tasty, spicy, funky, glitchy, jazzy, dancey, spacey, love in. Here have a look see
    Judy Switched Off The TV Judy Switched Off The TV
    When DJ Food of Ninja Tune fame recommends this to you as soon as it's released, you know your onto a good thing. The cosmic sounds of psychedelic electronic prog rock, lounge and a wee bit of space jazz mesh to sound like the illegitimate offspring of a 60's Soft Machine with a touch of 90's Air.
  15. Hibernate
    by slumbr
    Part 1 Part 1
    Sleeping drone music of the highest calibre. I bet you don't get through the whole album in one sitting.
  16. Ondar EP
    by Dirtwire
    Ibex ft. Kongar-ol Ondar Ibex ft. Kongar-ol Ondar
    Tuvan throat-singer Kongar-ol Ondar & Dirtwire's swamp tronic space cowboy sound merging Mongolian sounds with southern Appalachia rock into world beats with a tribal dance floor rhythm. Very unique.
  17. Dojo
    by Jouis
    All That Is And Is One All That Is And Is One
    The greatest album Crosby, Stills & Nash NEVER made. This kaleidoscopic psychotropic happy hippie sound of the Sixties was made in Brighton in 2015. So exact is the reproduction that is was recorded to magnetic tape on a seventies MCI 24-track machine. Fall in love again with the harmonious vibrations of 1969's summer of psychedelics
  18. Float
    by Michel Banabila
    I first heard of Banabila from a Osymyso mix. This album show his rich diversity through all sorts & types of music, from classical to glitch...just listen
  19. Sorrow Trees
    by Joni in the Moon
    Sorrow Tree I Sorrow Tree I
    "Born on the edges of hope" Aussie siblings Joni and Josh Hogan freak folktronica soars to ethereal heights with multi instrumentals, sublime singing & earthly lyrics. A short album but each track has been polished to perfection.
  20. Sleep Cycles
    by neat beats
    faineant pt. 2 faineant pt. 2
    Sounding like an analogue cassette tape with stretch marks, this DJ produced album has all the right tricks & samples, in all the right spots; swimming in a warm rich digital soup.