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  1. Modern Reflective ft. Anna Stott
    by Lady Paradox & Gadget
    I like the beat, the MCing is ok, but I don't care for the loud chorus. I don't think the vocals were mixed right on this track. Re-Mix the vocals and give us an instrumental also.
  2. Flatbush Junction
    by the1shanti
    This track is Classic! Makes me want to get back to the good old days. Keep it up shanti!
  3. Powder Keg feat. Theory Hazit, CAS METAH, & JustMe
    by MP Ancient
    RAW Track! Love the Beat! Love the Vocals! Keep it up Brothers!
  4. Cram Session vol.4: THE HUNGER
    by Antioch Alumni
    When You Least Expect It When You Least Expect It
    Antioch Alumni bringing the heat again! Straight out of Boston Baby! They know what you need. Pay attention to the calling!
  5. War (Inside) Prod. by Grungy Boguez
    by MP Ancient x Grungy Boguez
    Grungy Boguez can see it. Can you? Listen Up! This demands repeated play!!!
  6. Spring Of The Songbird
    by Sivion
    Who Am I Who Am I
    Sivion has so much Skill on the Mic and Production. He's definitely one of the most underrated.
  7. Death Angel
    by 7EV STATIK
    Fresh Tunnel Rat Music Here! Unga Bunga on your Dome Piece like a Caveman!!!
  8. The Rock Is Steady
    by Theory Hazit
    Elements Freestyle Elements Freestyle
    Theory Hazit is SO talented and this album proves it. A ton of MCs are on this one. This is Champion Sound!
  9. Blacklight - The REmix EP
    by Tedashii
    Get Up (feat. S.O.) Get Up (feat. S.O.)
    I love this Remix Album! It's a lot of Classical Samples, Fat Beats, Big Basses, and more. Great Job GodzG!
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  10. Only Built From Jesus Pieces
    by For Beat's Sake
    WhatIHaveTo WhatIHaveTo
    Built from Christian Records found in Florida. I love the idea and the Album's Awesome!!! Fresh Beats!!!
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  11. Fairy Tale
    by sintax.the.terrific x Sir Chamberlain
    Do You Believe? Listen Up! Fairy Tales Come True and You Might Be Living In One!
  12. Bible Bus Mixtape
    Sunday Best Sunday Best
    Anything you see with Playdough MCing on you should buy! Plain and Simple! Don't Miss The Bus!!!!
  13. Sagan's Uptown Express (Dance To The Drummers Beat vs. Funky Drummer Back to Home Skool Mix)
    by BigRedGorilla
    This Beat is Sick! You should also check out BigRedGorilla's Fan Page He's got great taste & a HUGE collection of songs & albums to prove it.
  14. Humanstrumentals
    by T the Human
    Wake UP Wake UP
    Awesome Maschine Instrumental Hip Hop Breaks and Beats! T the Human is great... for a Human. Muhaha!!!
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  15. The Return of King David
    by Freddie Bruno
    Freddie does it again! Wish he had some lyrics on this 1, but it's still Fire!! My favorite track's Organ Swing. I love Organs! Check it out!!!
    by sintax.the.terrific
    An Intervention (Syria Chemical Attack 9-2-13) An Intervention (Syria Chemical Attack 9-2-13)
    I love news, every day life stories, and my brother Sintax with a fat beat in the back!
    by MATRE
    The Last Shall Be First (Indictment of an Old Regime) The Last Shall Be First (Indictment of an Old Regime)
    MATRE puts his life out in the open in hopes to help others on this one. I like it and you should too. Check It Out!!!
  18. Growing Up Out Loud
    by LMNO
    Learn all about LMNO on this track. Give us more Bro! Your bandcamp's discography's lacking. We love you LMNO. Keep It Up!!!
  19. 1491 Nation Presents: MC RedCloud
    by MC RedCloud
    Native Threats Native Threats
    This Album is insane! RedCloud already has a strange sounding voice, but on this one he goes even Krazier! If your young, this 1 might not be for you. 21 or older on this 1
  20. The Best Policy
    by Disciple (D.I.)
    Whether or Not Whether or Not
    I love Disciple (D.I.) He talks about Jesus in his rhymes more than any other! This Album's another one of his I'll be listening to for a long time to come. Check It Out!!!
  21. Joshua & Jesus
    by The Collective
    This album has some great beats and lyrics. It's Lamp Mode! What you expect? I'm Josh, so of course I want a track I can scratch talking about Joshua of The Bible whom I was named after.
  22. Stro's Old Beat Farm
    by Stro Elliot
    Yesterday's Chop Suey Yesterday's Chop Suey
    This Album was only $1, so I purchased it. I like Yesterday and Your Song the most. Stro has a great collection of Drum Samples he uses.
  23. Wed White and Wu
    by Playdough and Heath McNease
    Half Ghetto with Goldin Child Half Ghetto with Goldin Child
    I love Wu Tang beats, but don't care for their sinful lyrics. But Playdough and Heath on the other hand, they keep it clean! Take lessons Wu!
  24. Thrift Store Jesus
    by Heath McNease
    It's A Wonderful Life w/ Pigeon John, Red Cloud, and Sintax The Terrific It's A Wonderful Life w/ Pigeon John, Red Cloud, and Sintax The Terrific
    I love Heath's gift of gab. His lyrics are so thought provoking. I like a couple tracks on this one, "It's A Wonderful Life" and "Thought Police."
  25. the Gallows
    by Wonder Brown and pumpkinFoot
    What You Gon' Do What You Gon' Do
    Good Album, but it's so short. It's only 28 minutes and CD-Rs can hold up to 80. Such a waste of space, 52 minutes of emptiness.
  26. It Is (Instrumental)
    by Donkey Jaw Projects
    I really love the Piano sample used for this track. I liked it so much I made a Dubstep Remix of this track.
  27. Straight Outta Console: The Nintendo Thumb Mixtape
    by Heath McNEase
    Nintendo Thumb Remix featuring KJ 52 Nintendo Thumb Remix featuring KJ 52
    I loved the idea, but only a couple of the beats really peeked my interest: Nintendo Thumb Remix and Konami Kode. Still Love you Heath keep doing your thing boy!