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  2. Blues
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  1. The Deal
    by Gray Dog
    The Bridge The Bridge
  2. Heart Break Attack
    by Grim Tilla & the Diablo
    Aint Goin' Out Aint Goin' Out
    appears in 1 other collection
  3. Do Re Mi
    by Leo Hancill
    Going Down Slow Going Down Slow
  4. Like The Devil Does
    by Miss Quincy
  5. Roadside Recovery
    by Miss Quincy & The Showdown
  6. Remind Me of Myself
    by Miss Quincy & The Showdown
  7. Black Hill
    by Lazy Eye
  8. Brute Neighbors
    by Terrible Buttons
    God Knows My Name God Knows My Name
  9. A Box of Things EP
    by Sunsweet Blues Revenge
  10. What Left
    by Robert Lee Coleman
  11. I
    by CHILD
    Age Has Left Me Behind Age Has Left Me Behind
    by SILTMAN
    Down To The River Down To The River
  13. The Madrid Sessions
    by Shawn James
  14. Last Train To Hooterville
    by Johnny V
  15. Lust, Love & Broken Hearts
    by Curtis Matheson
    Two Timed Blues Two Timed Blues
  16. 2015
    by Curtis Matheson
    Nobody Knows You Nobody Knows You
    appears in 1 other collection
  17. A Particular Blue
    by Curtis Matheson
    Lookout! Lookout!
  18. Unstuck Love EP
    by Sara Brandt
    In and Out In and Out
  19. South of My Dreams EP
    by Sara Brandt
    Take Me Down Take Me Down
  20. Love Sound Sessions - All-acoustic EP
    by Alex Ashley
    Water Into Wine Water Into Wine
  21. Does It Get Lonely
    by Amanda Lynne
    Does It Get Lonely Does It Get Lonely
  22. Black Dutch Sioux
    by Black Dutch Sioux
  23. Blueside
    by CHILD
    Blue Side of the Collar Blue Side of the Collar
  24. CHILD
    by CHILD
    All Dried Up All Dried Up
  25. Why I Choose To Sing The Blues
    by Derrick Procell
  26. Bad and Blue
    by Jimmy Dillon
    appears in 1 other collection
  27. Steadfast EP (Deluxe Edition)
    by Whitney Mongé
    This Road This Road
  28. Edges Album // Strangers In Fairyland EP Bundle
    by Jocelyn & Chris Arndt feat. G Love and Gov't Mule's Danny Louis
    More Than I Say I Do More Than I Say I Do
  29. Tarboro Blues
    by George Higgs
  30. Rainy Day
    by George Higgs
    Rainy Day Rainy Day
  31. Labor of Love
    by Taj Mahal
    Fishin' Blues Fishin' Blues
  32. Nothing Without Love
    by Bonnie Love
    It is pure blues - if you like Tom Wait when he sings Hold On - you want this song and won't want to miss any future releases by this amazing blues artist Thank you!
  33. Bubbas Best
    by Grea$ Van Records
    Lime and Coke Lime and Coke
  34. I love you still
    by Dusky Thrush
    Smokehouse Blues Smokehouse Blues
  35. Blues des Déserts Urbains
    by DALVA
  36. In Dub
    by Jules Leyhe
    appears in 1 other collection
  37. Cold Canary Gaslight / Dempsey
    by Marty O'Reilly
  38. Marty O'Reilly & The Old Soul Orchestra
    by Marty O'Reilly
  39. Stereoscope
    by Marty O'Reilly
  40. Shark Tank
    by Marty O'Reilly
  41. Preach 'Em Now!
    by Marty O'Reilly
  42. What The Fuzz!
    by The Black Wizards
  43. Two sides to every story
    by Pete Gage
  44. Other side of the world
    by Pete Gage
  45. Pete Gage & Innes Sibun 1999
    by Pete Gage