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DiZ (1/3 of Still Life With Cat)

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  2. Electronic
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  1. Prelude
    by Brian Lopez
  2. The Opposite of an Angel
    by Noise Implant
  3. Acid Rain
    by Bufinjer
  4. The Silent World
    by DepthCruiser
    Deepstaria Enigmatica Deepstaria Enigmatica
    This album it’s a rhythmic trip from the start to the end among sounds and atmospheres that sometimes reminding me 70s vibe or Pink Floyd’s first albums, in any case sensations of freedom. Very good mix :)
  5. arisTotal
    by The Fair Attempts
  6. hum (chiptune version)
    by melodywhore
  7. Tear Me To Pieces (Technopop Mix)
    by Fused feat. Kay Burden
  8. De Anima
    by Plike
    Subliminal Subliminal
    Powerful, mysterious, haunting, darkful and brilliant at the same time, with stunning tunes and excellent miscellaneous of sounds. And above all the ever presence of that indescribable voice. Masterpiece to preserve with jealousy and to share with happiness. Thank you Plike, really :)
  9. Sakura
    by Minimal_Drone*GRL
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  10. 33°
    by Unknown Land
  11. Redline
    by Unknown Land
  12. Bifurcated Worlds
    by Minimal_Drone*GRL
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  13. Infinity And Beyond
    by DepthCruiser
  14. Ambivalence
    by Minimal_Drone*GRL
    A piece of life grabbed from reality and crystalized forever in this awesome composition; something could happen or not but no matter about because you’re into the flow. Beautiful :)
  15. Bending Spoons
    by Plike
  16. What's the Matter wtih Me?
    by Nathan Peter Illes
  17. Static Collusion
    by Minimal_Drone*GRL
    appears in 1 other collection
  18. Breathe
    by Sonia D
    appears in 1 other collection
  19. Dark Room
    by Plike
  20. Manningpark
    by Minimal_Drone*GRL
  21. Komponent
    by Perdurabo & Shramm
    appears in 1 other collection
  22. Jormungand/The Eternal Optimist
    by Minimal_Drone*GRL
  23. Salmagundi
    by Minimal_Drone*GRL
  24. Seven
    by Plike
    Posing Questions Posing Questions
    Something epic rules on the whole album as if the incumbent destiny was near to blow up, but at the same moment everything is calmed by an ethereal, floating, light, clear, ineffable, reassuring voice. Excellent
  25. Craven
    by Minimal_Drone*GRL
  26. Hibernation Over, Spring Awakens
    by Minimal_Drone*GRL
  27. Velvet Shadows
    by Minimal_Drone*GRL
  28. Ghosts of Eleanor
    by Minimal_Drone*GRL
    Excellent composition! A small drama developed in 4 minutes and 25 seconds. Love the personality of this artist
  29. West Coast
    by Kim Michelle
  30. The Widower II
    by Crest Of The Syndicate
  31. hum (remixes)
    by melodywhore
    hum (acoustic electric mix) hum (acoustic electric mix)
    This is for me the confirmation that music (and songs particularly) is a marvelous living art. Same song wearing different clothes, different moods, different emotions, different colours. Good idea to add the original and demo track that tell more about the story of this song. Very good job :)
  32. UNO
    by Unknown Land
    Liquid Liquid
    Great production (sound, mix, lyrics, melodies). Love dark atmospheres and that stunning warm-cold intense vocal. Sincerely compliments :)
  33. Tear Me To Pieces (Body Language Edit Mix)
    by Fused feat. Kay Burden
  34. Salt the Roots
    by Jessica Grant
    Salt the Roots Salt the Roots
    Cinematic, hypnotic music full of angles, shadows and lights; it’s like walking a path through an electric forest :)
  35. Interconnected
    by Ben Blackett
  36. Tear Me To Pieces
    by Fused feat. Kay Burden
    Tear Me To Pieces Tear Me To Pieces
    Song full of energy, perfectly mixed, with a warm, deep, intense vocal. For me it’s a jump back into my youth remaining in the present. Wish the best to this song :)
  37. darklight
    by melodywhore
    hum hum
    Once someone told it’s next level when people sing your song in the shower. Well done melodywhore you’re on the right way, your song is now “humming” in my head ;)