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Veed Divtech

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  1. Phalanx Pt.3
    by Typeless
  2. Life in Warp
    by A lake by the mõõn
    Final Reality XXI Final Reality XXI
    conscious, empathetic and entrancing. the juxtaposition of the inherent beauty of natural sounds against a backdrop of something as dire as a global extinction event feels both celebratory and bittersweet. i've listened to the album all the way through each time I've played it and i love it, thank u! also love the hidden track :O
  3. Helvellyn
    by Former Hero
  4. The Flesh of the World
    by Uboa
  5. Never Fuck
    by Tawse
  6. Apple
    by A. G. Cook
  7. Visions of Bodies Being Burned
    by clipping.
  8. Palimpsest
    by Lauren Bousfield
  9. This Is Goodbye (If You Need It To Be)
    by azuria sky
  10. Chamber Music
    by Ultrademon
  11. Vulnerable Growth
    by jjjacob
  12. Now THAT's What I Call Cowardice
    by Real Dominic
  13. M355Y 5H1T 2.0
    by V@LeRiC
  14. Narryer Gneiss Terrane
    by Bath Consolidated
  15. EXHILER9
    by bastiengoat
  16. Timelines
    by Harpey
  17. Coaxial Chaos
    by Watabou
  18. weclippedthrueachother - single
    by Former Hero
  19. Changing Tense
    by Former Hero
  20. Always /// Forever
    by Nomadic War Machine