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  1. The Gate
    by Pleasure Leftists
  2. The Constellatory Practice
    by Urfaust
  3. II: Sojourn
    by Wytch Hazel
    Still We Fight Still We Fight
    Hail the true lords of paladin rock!
  4. Blood In Our Wells
    by Drudkh
  5. Autumn Aurora
    by Drudkh
  6. Forgotten Legends
    by Drudkh
  7. Wider than the Sky
    by 40 Watt Sun
  8. The Ridges
    by Diamondstein
  9. Watching from a Distance
    by Warning
  10. Holding On
    by Sally Dige
  11. The Advent
    by Coven (Tokyo Japan)
    by Coven (Tokyo Japan)
  13. DEMO / -ZERO-
    by Coven (Tokyo Japan)
  14. Nordkarpatenland
    by Malokarpatan
  15. Excerpts From a Future Past
    by Hällas
    The Astral Seer The Astral Seer
    I turned a "Blind Eye" to Hallas. Thankfully, I've seen the "Errors of My Ways."

    "Argus" it's pretty "Handy" to compare these guys to Wishbone Ash, but they certainly stand "Alone."

    I have "So Many Things to Say" about this album, but it's time for me to "Throw Down the Sword" and let you listen for yourself.
  16. S/T
    by Hällas
  17. Shadows Of The Afterworld
  18. Cradle Of Civilization
    by Anubis
  19. Azazel Bedazzle
    by Witches Moon
  20. The White Goddess
    by Atlantean Kodex