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  1. ST
    by Joan of the Stockyards
    Mr. Natural Mr. Natural
    Some of Coin Locker Kid's darkest verses ever written pit against the production and fantastic use of classical music samples make this one of the most horrifyingly dark albums I've ever heard, comically satirical in many ways and genuinely disturbing in others. This is an underrated gem in so many ways.
  2. Welcome To Condale
    by Summer Camp
    An album filled with many songs that made my life as a young teenager getting through high school so much more enjoyable, this album is undeniably slept on and has so many great songs that make me feel genuine nostalgia. I love everything about this wonderful record and am glad that Summer Camp is still going to this day.
  3. A Gift to u/ EP-ish Release
    by Skye
    A Gift to u/ A Gift to u/
    This song is beautiful and I am very grateful we get an insight into how you make this beautiful music. I've been watching your content since I was a kid and your art has always been very inspiring. Thank you.
  4. Hindsight its 2020
    by Artificial Overload
    So Far Afield (Lockdown) So Far Afield (Lockdown)
    Tobias, you have given a really great first effort here and I think there are some really beautiful and well done ideas within this whole thing, I think you need to start sharing more of your art with people and just know you will always have my support! I love you man, keep creating and I am so proud of you for making this <3
  5. SM
    by Coin locker kid
    "Everywhere the wind blows." "Everywhere the wind blows."
    A greatly entrancing album that continues to bend the rules of the world that belongs to CLK. I cannot wait to finally physically own this amazing album by one of my favourite artists of all time!
  6. Metamorph
    by C'est la key
    How can I know? How can I know?
    This is easily one of my favourite albums you've put out, this is also easily one of the best albums that I've heard all year. The story this album tells may not be linear but is great, it starts off as confusing and introspective and turns out inspiring and wholesome in its nature, rebirthing everything I've ever known in a single listen. I honestly am mesmerized by everything about this album and am going to be coming back to it forever. Thank you to everyone involved, I love you all.
  7. mama's baby
    by orion sun
    A beautiful song, thank you for sharing this.
  8. To Air Is Human
    by Come look with me
    Welcome the kingdom. Welcome the kingdom.
    A beautifully put together collage that tells a story through it's once unconnected sound bits that intertwine into one whole impactful view on the current state of our world. I am currently saving up to buy SM on cassette along with the Joan of the Stockyards tape and wish I could support more! Great work Devyn & Maebelle <3
  9. Mona Myth OST (1986)
    by Come look with me
    Overworld Overworld
    This is great, do post more soundtracks !
  10. SM
    by Coin locker kid
    Alchemy breathing. Alchemy breathing.
    So good, just listened to it and am definitely going back to listen more. Inspiring and entrancing, beautiful and otherworldly, and possibly your most unique album. Wishing you blessings.
  11. DELTARUNE Chapter 1 OST
    by Toby Fox
    Hip Shop Hip Shop
    Thanks for being there with me in the dark :) Your art has changed and created my world all at once.
  12. Phonyland
    by Phony Ppl
    morninG light. morninG light.
    Being Younger, listening to this album in the hot summer, being with my family at the beach, existing and learning yourself. The perfect soundtrack, one of my favourite albums ever. Phony Ppl in their true birth, although it may not showcase the genius of Elbee Thrie's lead vocals like in more recent albums, still a capsule of young creatives who are finding themselves and showing their truth to the universe. I love! :)
  13. Futari
    by P.SUS
    Use Love Use Love
    WE ALL LOVE YOU!!! Your work is magnificently filled with wonders of all kinds, there are no limits to your creation as you truly break boundaries with every sample and sound. I will thank the universe everyday for "Use Love". I can't wait to listen to the whole thing over and over until I'm over a rainbow! We love you!
  14. Universal Togetherness Band
    by Universal Togetherness Band
    My Sentiment My Sentiment
    This album through its tight rhythms, its amazing melodies and beautiful essence, is a true sentiment to what "Universal Togetherness" may actually sound like if the world were to have it. The fact that this wonderful band is bringing people together and making people so happy after all these years when these songs never even saw the light of day, shows how art that is created with love will always be celebrated. So if the universe were to come together, I believe this would be the soundtrack.
  15. The Holy
    by Coin locker kid
    Outside. Outside.
    So, after listening to your work for many years, talking to you via email and even collaborating with you, I can easily say that this is possibly your greatest work and I think that says a lot. Thank you for doing all you do for people with you and your art. So once again, Thank you Devyn.
  16. Not Nor Mal
    by Mal Webb
    Give It Up Give It Up
    Mal Webb, you are a legend. Thanks for making an album that can only inspire one to be themselves constantly. This album is gutbustingly funny, tear-jerkingly emotional and a wholesome, fun and necessary journey that shares so much love through it's music. Keep being you, Mal! Love.
  17. Evelyn Evelyn
    by Evelyn Evelyn
    My Space My Space
    My friend recommended me this album. I cried by the time I got to "My Space". This album is too astonishing to describe, the story, the music, the whole album is a must have journey. Forever a favourite.
  18. The Zodiac
    by Those Darn Gnomes
    Seinfeld Seinfeld
    Beautiful sounds layered with insane, chaotic and difficult instrumentation that all comes together to create one of the most unique and interesting albums made in years. Thank you for this.
  19. Hawaii: Part II
    by ミラクルミュージカル
    White Ball White Ball
    A challenging, beautiful and sometimes odd album with many moments that leave me wondering what is happening and many more that leave me feeling so good. A wonderful experience and a great album.
  20. ASTRON: The Fallen
    by Debris Of Titan
    DEPART: Astra DEPART: Astra
    One of the most heartfelt, conceptual, beautiful albums I've listened to in a long time. A true inspiration. Thank you.