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  1. Nelson, British Columbia
  2. Electronic
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  1. Tutto Nudo EP
    by Curses
    Canini Canini
  2. Symbolic Use Of Light
    by UMFANG
    Weight Weight
    Music that is brave enough to get right up in your face, but can easily slide deep down into mysterious realms of techno esoterica. To my ears, this is a renegade sound of outlaw sublimity.
  3. Near Unison
    by ZOMES
    Simian Mother Simian Mother
    On a rise, above an ancient lake, watching as wind plays its melody upon liquid skin. Teal blue undulations, swaying green and gold aspen leaves, the footprints of numinous beings leading me back home. Zomes reminds me of this.
  4. Waking Up In Detroit
    by Divination & Strategy
    Just for a Moment Just for a Moment
    Hybridized elements derived from experimental, acid, no wave, noise, and psychedelia woven into layers of smokey atmospheric sound.
  5. Light Sleep
    by Phew
    Usui Kuki Usui Kuki
    Terrifyingly beautiful, raw, feral, and honest. Sound that takes me back to a time before binary code came into dominance. Something unbridled and wild can be felt through this. Phew is the REAL thing.
  6. Dawning Light
    by Jacques Bon
    Dawning Light Dawning Light
    In the valley I inhabit, a wild river cuts an undulating line through a forest of coniferous green. Sunshine beams down from heaven, illuminating that timeless current in warm rays of light like this music sparkling throughout a darkened room.
  7. "Night Gym" 12"
    by minimal violence
    Night Gym Night Gym
    Arcane soundtrack for future primitive techno rituals held in the mountains.
  8. Dog Park
    by URA
    Side B Side B
    Music that reminds me of exploring the city's vacant streets, red brick towers crumbling, all the broken window homes. Down in the basement of what used to be a factory, water from one of the paved over creeks bubbles up from a crack in the floor.
  9. 'Liquid Crystal Healing' EP
    by Warm LCD
    glowin up glowin up
    Beautiful vehicle for psychic travel into faraway atmospheres where faith in the art of sound is restored.
  10. Palmbomen II
    by Palmbomen II
    Carina Sayles Carina Sayles
    Watching rain drip from the branches of fir and cedar, every drop melting the crystals of last winter as Palmbomen creates a raft of sound upon which to float away.