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  1. The Signal
    by Jim Griffin
  2. Taghairn
    by Fishclaw
  3. For Christmas EP
    by Louise Connell
  4. Golem 2020 EP
    by Louise Connell
  5. Sins Against Truth
    by Lyndsie Alguire
  6. The Thing With Feathers
    by Exploring Birdsong
  7. REFRACTIONS (limited edition 4 track EP)
    by GRICE
  8. Icarus Girl
    by Siobhan McCrudden
  9. one thousand birds
    by GRICE
  10. Emperor Norton
    by Emperor Norton
  11. Rise of a New Ideology
    by Zombie Picnic
    Awesome !!
    Only two tracks available so far but on the evidence of these, this could seriously be album of the year.
    'Democracy Cannot Survive' is a hazy, blend of post-rock and prog that drifts into oblivion and back.
    'Anger In Storage' combines full on in your face prog with the urgency of King Crimson and the mystery of Edgar Allan Poe. These boys have a wicked sense of humour too, listen to the voice-overs.

  12. B-Rain "Echoes from the undertow"
    by B-Rain
  13. Midori
    by Stick Men+ featuring David Cross
    Hide The Trees (1st set) Hide The Trees (1st set)
    This is essential for fans of King Crimson or prog rock.
    I've never been a fan of stick instruments until hearing this set. At times the stickists sound like Allan Holdsworth or like almighty Fripp himself and of course their sound is often unique too.
    The ambience is further enhanced here with the guest presence of David Cross and his violin.
    Everything adds up to an album that matches the power, menace and experimentalism of Larks Tongues in Aspic. It's been emotional guys !! Rock on !!
  14. Dark Symphony
    by Le Reverie
    Le Reverie (The Dream) Le Reverie (The Dream)
    Superb blend of gothic and metallic prog rock with some quieter moments too.
    This band are providing music for the forthcoming 'Lake Eerie' horror movie.
    Guitar fans will in particular enjoy Jeff Mallow's phenomenal guitar work !!
  15. Lost Kite
    by Lost Kite
    The Hoopoe's Call The Hoopoe's Call
    Moody and dark instrumental Swedish prog rock, vaguely in the style of Anglagard. One of the band members used to be with Swedish prog legends Kultivator !!!
  16. Of Earth & Angels
    by LEAH
    Tragedy & Magic Tragedy & Magic
    Awesome mix of metal/goth/prog and celtic tones. Powerful yet pure, passionate and at times ethereal vocals. Often described as a metallic version of Enya. First press of Leah's CD is selling out, don't miss it...
  17. ~
    by iamthemorning
    weather changing weather changing
    Not quite rock or prog-rock this is elegant chamber music featuring heavenly vocals from Maryana Syomkina. This is an album to be at one with the world with, whilst you reflect on life. The band are all classically trained and describe themselves as a neo-classical vocal indie band that combine non-typical progressive rock vocal lines with a distinctly classical musical approach...
  18. In Search Of The Crystal (2020 Remaster)
    by Magrathea
    Search For The Crystal Search For The Crystal
    One of the best prog rock CDs I've heard recently. This band have toured with the likes of Pallas and are totally at home in such company !! Whilst those who like vintage Genesis prog music will like this, it is in fact refreshingly original. Some lovely melodies and some complex prog themes and some minimalist chill out moments too. If you like prog-rock, ignore this band at your peril...
  19. Breaking Free
    by Forever Still
    Towards The Edge Towards The Edge
    If you like the heavier side of artistic melodic rock with top notch female vocals, look no further !! Prog-rock , metal and AOR fans will all love this !! Led by charismatic femme fatale, Maja Schonning, who is a stunning model and a phenomenal vocalist !! Less hopelessness more art !!
  20. Apple Jack Magic
    by Jack Foster III
    Guinevere's Dead Guinevere's Dead
    Excellent and melodic prog rock with some added countryfied mysticism. Some interesting jazzy guitar chords (almost Joni Mitchell in places) mixed with powerful rock riffs. Jack is a superb musician and his vocals are superb too - vaguely reminds me of Kevin Gilbert at times...The production is great too, aided by Mr Robert Berry no less. Jack has also worked with Trent Gardner of Magellan in the past..
    These songs were originally intended for a rock opera that didn't eventually happen...