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Marc Weidenbaum

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  1. Bodies
    by Madeleine Cocolas
  2. Cut's Crate #17 Funk, Soul And Disco Covers From Mexico
    by Various Artist
    A STABLE SOUND CLUB exclusive
  3. So Many, Diminishes
    by Gregory Paul Mineeff
  4. Even More Of It
    by Hverheij
  5. Dive 1: Refraction
    by Sumner James, Robert Chamberlain, Volcano Lazerbeam, & Saroon
  6. Kabel
    by Zimoun
  7. Abandoned Spaces
    by OdNu + Ümlaut
  8. Infinity Mirrors
    by Patrick Sansone
  9. Understand b/w Kids Don't Feel
    by Anwar HighSign & Arckatron
    Kids Don't Feel (Instrumental) Kids Don't Feel (Instrumental)
    The highlight is the b-side, “Kids Don’t Feel,” a low-slung beat that starts off like it’s got gum on one sole (that is, slightly off-kilter — think Dustin Hoffman navigating a city sidewalk in Midnight Cowboy). Arckatron proceeds to reinforce the sad-sack gait with a raspy drop-in, a vocal snippet, and other choice samples. At points, the samples skip and stutter, matching the beat’s downcast charm.
  10. Audiobulb Plays He Can Jog - Vol. 2
    by He Can Jog
  11. Audiobulb Plays He Can Jog - Vol. 1
    by He Can Jog
  12. Music For Airports In The Age Of Climate Change
    by Audio Obscura
  13. Manifest Exodus
    by Comes • Veldman
  14. All That Is Solid Melts Into Air
    by Nils Quak
    by encym
  16. Union
    by Volcano Lazerbeam
  17. Rituals
    by April Clocks
  18. The Unearthing
    by Paige Alice Naylor
  19. All The Time In The World
    by GALÁN / VOGT
  20. No. 5
    by Semiotic Ghosts