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  1. I Got Heaven
  2. She Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She
  3. a.s.o.
    by a.s.o.
  4. Dreamfear/Boy Sent From Above
    by Burial
  5. Wall Of Eyes
    by The Smile
  6. Letter To Self
    by SPRINTS
  7. Revanchist
    by Evian Christ
    Xkyrgios Xkyrgios
    This album feels like a full circle moment for me – considering that early-2000s trance music was my gateway to the weird beat maestros at Warp (I also spent a lot of this summer revisiting the extended Tiësto version of "Silence" and now here it is yet again). Outside of the fun nostalgia vibes though, it really shows that Christ put a lot of time, thought and effort into all eight of these songs. Honestly, the most excited I've been for a beatmaker's debut album since Sophie's.
  8. When No Birds Sang
    by Full of Hell, Nothing
  9. No Christmas Bells / This Christmas Is Forever
    by There Will Be Fireworks
    No Christmas Bells No Christmas Bells
    Not only can There Will Be Fireworks return after ten years with a serious AOTY contender, they can also write Christmas music that doesn't suck. Truly their powers are without limit. (Seriously though, these songs make a nice winter epilogue to the last album and easily hold up with their best work.)
  10. RAT WARS
    by HEALTH
  11. The Rime Of Memory
    by Panopticon
  12. The Dark, Dark Bright
    by There Will Be Fireworks
  13. Summer Moon
    by There Will Be Fireworks
  14. softscars
    by yeule
  15. Songs To Fall Asleep At The Wheel To
    by Holland Patent Public Library
  16. Heavy Rocks (2002)
    by Boris
  17. everything is alive
    by Slowdive
  18. Femina Furens
    by Djunah
  19. Last
    by Loma Prieta
  20. My Back Was A Bridge For You To Cross
    by ANOHNI and the Johnsons