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  1. Family the Smiling Thrush
    by Boss Keloid
    Boss Keloid provide another perfect summer soundtrack. Labyrinthine riffs, rollercoaster song structures, big, fat choruses, and a deliriously warm production that makes everything sound like it lives in my head. Plus, of course, Alex Hurst soothingly bellowing sheer positivity. I feel like I need to personally thank the band for creating this.
  2. Wheel
    by Wheel
  3. Planet of Doom - First Contact
    by Various
  4. Orificial Purge
    by Vastum
  5. Upon Desolate Sands
    by Hate Eternal
  6. Cosmovore
    by Ulthar
  7. The Scythe Of Cosmic Chaos
    by Sulphur Aeon
  8. Mariner
    by Cult of Luna
  9. Symbol of Salvation
    by Armored Saint
  10. Oath to Flame
    by POTION
    This is going to make my car fall apart.
  11. græ
    by Moses Sumney
  12. Gateways to Annihilation
    by Morbid Angel
  13. More Constant Than The Gods
    by SubRosa
  14. Efficacy
    by Delusions of Grandeur
  15. Mirror / Vessels
    by Flesh of the Stars
  16. Aromanticism
    by Moses Sumney
  17. Widow's Flame
    by Loviatar
  18. Eternal Sons
    by Loviatar
  19. Feast for Water
    by Messa
  20. traum
    by bloodpheasant