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Dirk-Peter Barczyk

  1. Rogätz, Germany
  2. Metal
http://www facebook.comdirkpeterbarczyk
http://www facebook.comdirkpeterbarczyk
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  1. Stupid jokes for brutal folks
    by In Demoni
  2. Aftermath
    by Torturized
  3. Autopsy Of War
  4. Something Reeks Of Violence [SINGLE]
    by Shitangel
    For me the best WarMetel release ever! Pure Fucking Death Black Thrash!
  5. Mors Certa (Album)
    by SUMEN
  6. Excorcism of the Goatman
    by TRIAL of DEATH
    appears in 1 other collection
  7. Bestialgoat (Brazil) - Annihilation.Blasphemy.Torment
    by Bestialgoat
  8. No One Lives Forever
    by Exxperior
  9. Pesthammer over Europe (EP)
    by SUMEN
  10. In Depths of Winter
    by In Depths of Winter
  11. Pesthammer over Europe (EP)
    by SUMEN
    Bomb sound and Death Metal production , just right for sound fetishists. According to the Fatal Underground - metal fanzine "a few rough edges whouldn't have harmed the release". You can't go wrong here!
  12. DEMO 2020
    by Funus
  13. Für Volk und Vaterland
    by Wux
  14. Apotheosis of Anti Light
  15. Hine MaTov
    by Wux
  16. Grindcoregasmus
    by Document 6
  17. Schwarz mein Meer
    by Schädel
  18. Jesus Crustus
    by Jesus Crustus
  19. Grindcoregasmus
    by Document 6
  20. Der Wanderer
    by Anaphylaxie