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  1. American Pixels
    by Mazedude
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    Dragonborn Concerto (from "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim") Dragonborn Concerto (from "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim")
  2. Crushin' On U (feat White Hot Guilt)
    by TWRP
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  3. Officially Missing You
    by Jayesslee
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  4. Mass Media Constant
    by zircon
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    Necromancy Necromancy
    This is a really cool album that shows a broad range of what is possible within the DnB genre. Andy does a great job of taking the genre to a variety of different places, expressing various emotions, and drawing in influences from World, jazz, and other genres. Absolutely inspiring. Necromancy is my favorite because it's such a fun chart to play in Pump It Up, which is what brought me to the album. One True Love is also beautiful.
  5. Necromancy
    by zircon
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  6. The Glory Days
    by Big Giant Circles
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    Sevcon Sevcon
    This whole album is marvelous. I am especially stuck on Sevcon. I think I've listened to it about a million times in the last day. I love when an electronic artist is able to put so much emotion into the music, and Jimmy pulls this off expertly.
  7. Freaky Quincy
    by Amphibious
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  8. Hot Freaks
    by Hot Freaks
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    Puppy Princess Puppy Princess
  9. Beep Boop
    by Theory of N
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    Tyler K. in a Robot Suit, Riding Through Space on a Pteradactyl of Diamond Tyler K. in a Robot Suit, Riding Through Space on a Pteradactyl of Diamond
  10. Oceans EP
    by Amphibious
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    Plunge Plunge
  11. You Can Have Mine
    by Big Giant Circles (Jimmy Hinson)
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  12. Cityscapes and Tesla Coils (Single)
    by PrototypeRaptor
    Cityscapes and Tesla Coils (Single) Cityscapes and Tesla Coils (Single)