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William Wolfe

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  1. Apocalyptic Leaders / Ashes of Old - Illusionary Spectre (Split)
    by Apocalyptic Leaders
  2. The Impending Fall Of The Stars
    by Inherits The Void
  3. Всё
    by Рожь
  4. Vampyroteuthis Infernalis
    by Vampyroteuthis Infernalis
  5. The Great Mist Within
    by Auriferous Flame
  6. The Song of the Seraphim Echos into Eternity
    by Cephalophore
  7. Exalted March of Purification
    by Cephalophore
  8. A Long Night Beneath Broken Battlements
    by Vassus
  9. Hiss
    by Wormrot
  10. Crystalline Exhaustion
    by Krallice
  11. Mysterium
  12. Hadean Tides
  13. A Monument in Darkness
    by Concilivm
  14. Synthetic Memory
    by Cephalophore
  15. Obscurity
    by Wraithlord
  16. Remains
    by Hellish Form
  17. Ernte im Herbst
    by Fjoergyn
  18. Bringer of Drought
    by Phobocosm
  19. Trisagion
    by Ethereal Shroud
  20. Mirkwood
    by Mirkwood