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  1. Bitola, North Macedonia
  2. Ambient
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  1. MOA1205 - Grainophonics
    by Interconnected
  2. Tripulante
    by Augen
    Draft, Lobby and Shape Draft, Lobby and Shape
    Intriguing album reminiscent of the best days of Mille Plateaux. Augen improvs with textures, signals and noises in a delicate way without being overly aggressive or dull, producing an album worth to be re-listened.
  3. Voicemail
    by Robert Farrugia
  4. Between the cracks
    by Glinca
  5. MOA081
    by Dimitar Dodovski vs. Badstøf
  6. tʌntrə XIl
    by Neotantra
  7. M-Planet
    by Futuregrapher
  8. Above Below
    by Andrew Sherwell
  9. Nocturnes Resonatiae
    by Mick Chillage
    Minimal, modular and haunting ambience as if taken from the Blade Runner neo noir universe filled with retrofuturistic gadgets, mysteries of empty spaces, lights and shadows.
  10. Insight EP
    by Geoscience
    Slowly evolving and serene soundscapes that would perfectly complement a short, solitary hike in nature with the headphones on. This is music for vast spaces and personal insights.
  11. Vogue Casio 96
    by Metamatics
    Bedroom Locusts(Edit) Bedroom Locusts(Edit)
    A blast from the unknown Metamatics past. Light hearted collection of dnb, idm tracks resonating on Herbie Hancock funk and 80s hip hop frequencies. Ice Cube would deffinitely want to throw some vocals on the Bedroom Locusts track :) Lovely album!
  12. Sailors of the Sky
    by Canopy of Stars
  13. tʌntrə x
    by Neotantra
  14. Fortführung
    by Florian Förster
    Same Way Plants Do Same Way Plants Do
    Complex, bittersweet electronica with a healthy and intriguing dose of strangeness. Beautiful EP!
  15. Beehive
    by Fatih Tuter
    Winterwald Winterwald
    Dubby, mystical ambient album with a sense of peace, contemplation and awe for distant twilight (non)places Castaneda would love to explore. Especially loving the Winterwald track with its laidback Ry Cooder vibe as if it was taken from a Wim Wenders' movie.
  16. Cloud Dreaming And Shadows
    by Halftribe
    Elysian Caress Elysian Caress
    Going through the album sounds like gliding through gradients of emotions, sensations and meteorological conditions. This is ambient music in touch with Earth that definitely grows on every listen!
  17. ambient modular - four
    by ambient modular
  18. Homeward
    by Michele Andreotti
    Dark, sometimes upsetting, at times classical in a Mahler-ian vein, this is one conceptually coherent drone album.
  19. Teaching A Fish To Fly
    by Motorpig
  20. Volume 1
    by Quiet Places