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  1. Destination Venus
    by DepthCruiser
  2. Young & In Love
    by Bunny X
    Can't Wait Can't Wait
    The ladies released a beautiful, dreamy album full of love letters to your significant other.

    Anything you play is super nostalgic and can be the soundtrack to a beautiful date night.

    Huge congrats!
  3. Straight Ballin' The Left Hand Path
    Raise The Roof And Raise The Dead Raise The Roof And Raise The Dead
    Completely out there! Unexpected, head banger and with a superb use of samples, this feels like Skrillex on speed. I imagine that live this album would be a whole new level of fun.

    Great job!
  4. 333. Nuclear Devastation
  5. Inferno Remixes
    by Paradox Obscur
  6. In for the Win
    by Thorisson
  7. Perfect Paradise
    by Bunny X & Don Dellpiero
  8. Mother Mania
    by ELYXIR, Neilio
    by Mike Gasche
  10. TROM - The Resolution of Mind
    by Mike Templar
  11. Wilma Deering
    by Mike Gasche
  12. Digital Death
    by Mike Templar
  13. The Stranger
    by Shadowrunner
    The Stranger pt II (feat. Trenton) The Stranger pt II (feat. Trenton)
    Excellent production, compositions and vocals on Shadowrunner's debut, but the technical stuff are not the most important parts here.

    I have the feeling that this album is a medicine for Shadowrunner. Go read the lyrics and concept story while listening to the music and you'll understand. That might be a medicine for you too.

    Get it.
  14. The tale of the Fairy-Knight-Mancer
    by CoolAm7
    Dark Side of the Fairy-Knight-Mancer Dark Side of the Fairy-Knight-Mancer
    I can describe this album thus: chiptune flavours in a dish served by Mick Gordon during a hypergrind live show.

    If this doesn't sound interesting, I don't know what does.
  15. Andromeda EP
    by Edictum
    by Mr Creep
    Hyperdrive (feat. Glean FoxX) Hyperdrive (feat. Glean FoxX)
    Well, I can definitely tell you that Outrun is not dead in the slightest. Mr Creep has made sure about that.

    This album feels old school in the best of ways, fantastic compositions and production, plus it has some superb guitar riffs in there.

    Get it!
  17. Painted Holograms
    by C Z A R I N A
  18. Wonderland
    by C Z A R I N A
  19. Borealis
    by jacket.
  20. Cruise Control [jacket. Redux]
    by Neon Arcadia (feat. Tom Selica)