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  1. 308. BEATBOX MACHINERY - Canadian Metal
    by Werkstatt Recordings
    Scepter Of The Icy Priests Scepter Of The Icy Priests
    This is a prime example of how you take your inspirations and spin them to your style.
    Beatbox Machinery take their coldwave electronic style and put it under the prism of early speed metal arrangements.
    I was involved in tape trading back in the day so the feeling is there for sure.
    Nice work, I would like even more songs next time.
  2. Cosmos (t,x,m,E)
    by TZA
    C(m) = Matter C(m) = Matter
    A totally experimental acoustic (and not only) album with a dark ambient undertone throughout, even when it gets playful with its melodies.

    Throughout the EP you will find great guitar work with orchestral elements, odd and tasteful time signatures, progressive bass lines, underlying electronic elements and a pure bossa nova track that is perfect for jam sessions.

    Check it, definitely worth it ;)
  3. Collision
    by Erebus
    Highway Drive Highway Drive
    Very strong debut by my buddies Erebus and TZA.

    It was a pleasure being in 2 sessions with them and watching the creativity of two people who got inspiration from Stranger Things and synthwave unfold.

    This EP has it all, from classic synthwave to synthpop with very emotionally charged vocals and cyberpunk with mid tempo dark vibes and headbanging basslines.

    Press play on tape, thank me later ;)
  4. Depths Of Perception
    by DepthCruiser
  5. Lithobreakin'
    by Alpha Chrome Yayo
    Escape Atrocity Escape Atrocity
    This guy is fast becoming one of the most prolific synthwavers out there. Each release has something for everyone, melody, feeling, power and energy. This EP has Anchorage that brought to my mind the good old Ridge Racer and an amazingly emotional and very mature track with a guitar sound that I envy:
  6. Glacial Tapes
    by BVSMV
  7. Expo 2
    by Full Eclipse
    Timesink Timesink
    This guy right here has the ability to create such compositions that put you in a meditative state. His soundscapes are intoxicating and develop slowly, rising like the smoke from incense burner sticks and tune your body and mind at the same frequency.

    His instrumentals are awesome but the moments he decides to sing make his music otherworldly and totally winter-by-the-fireplace-with-your-significant-other sexy.

    Play it on your best sound system, close your eyes and lean back on your couch.
  8. Buena Vista
    by Miles Matrix
    Enemy Mine Enemy Mine
    Super strong debut by Miles Matrix. Feel good but also dark and cyberpunk inspired outrun/synthwave tracks with plenty of nostalgia throughout, great use of some retro instruments that remind me 16bit videogames and also some early 90s dance inspirations.

    Enemy Mine is my favourite because it reminds me of my summers when I was a teen. I don't know why but it's pretty awesome if you ask me.
  9. Take My Advice EP
    by Alpha Chrome Yayo
    Be Careful (Where The Dog Shits Ya) Be Careful (Where The Dog Shits Ya)
    The music in this EP reminds me of early 90s Mega Drive videogame music, especially the track Be Careful (which goes well if you play Streets of Rage 2).
    Take my advice and press play, while you play roms on your favorite 16bit emulator.
  10. Heart Wired, Part I (Original Soundtrack)
    by Volkor X
    Words Unsaid Words Unsaid
    #badasswave but full with heart and emotion.

    Overlord with this release will make you tear up, and not just because of fear.
  11. Last Train To Synthville
    by MoTER
    Ayrton Ayrton
    Finally MoTER is back!
  12. Malediction Boulevard EP
    by Alpha Chrome Yayo
    Malediction Boulevard Malediction Boulevard
    Polished, dark, totally synthwave with awesome guitar work (especially the sound is <3). I could choose either track for a favorite but I'm in a cyberpunk mood atm so...
  13. In Rewind (feat. Carl Culley & Bart Graft) - Deluxe Single
    by The Ghost Mall
    Oh man, this is one of the best vocal synthwave/synthpop songs of 2019 easily. If you know The Ghost Mall you know how professional he is and the quality of EVERY thing he releases. If you don't, you know the drill : Press play and enjoy!
  14. Race Day: Cerberus 3000 (Killing Time)
    by Alpha Chrome Yayo
    This is an amazing outrun synthwave track, uptempo, uplifting with cool melodies, vocoder lines that feel like they were written by Daft Punk and a guitar tremolo vibrato that feels like Paul Oakenfold! Check this!
  15. Nightstar: Alliance (Original Soundtrack)
    by Straplocked
    Just listen to Lasers or Bombs, then go to Diamond Dust and if that doesn't convince you to buy this album, check pure dreamwave masterpiece, Ice Planet. This album has outrun elements, cyberpunk, dreamwave, that make you feel like you want to go back to your past. And that is really what Synthwave is about.
  16. Faces (Full Eclipse Remix)
    by Bart Graft
  17. Race Day: Breakfast in Daytona
    by Alpha Chrome Yayo
  18. Boostergangs
    by Misanthropix
  19. Cut Class | Hall Pass | Mall Dash
    by Alpha Chrome Yayo
    Cut Class | Hall Pass | Mall Dash Cut Class | Hall Pass | Mall Dash
    Cut Class... definitely gives a taste of the junior high school experience, where everything is new and you need to figure your place in it. It has that excitement/nostalgia/urgency vibe going on that's on point. I'd love a full concept album of this theme. And the Chace cover is on point too.
    by Microchip Terror
  21. [MVP-09] Cold Hearted / Techno Man
    by Paradox Obscur
  22. 303. BEATBOX MACHINERY - Body Workout '86
    by Werkstatt Recordings
  23. No Saviours
    by Timestalker
  24. Float
    by BVSMV
    Real Future Real Future
    If you enjoy feel good ambient/dreamwave with a strong post rock feeling (and the occasional guitars to support that) then you can't go wrong with this release. It has all of the above with the emphasis on "Feel good". Get it.
  25. Former Selves
    by Full Eclipse
    Hold You Down Hold You Down
    This album is dreamy, bittersweet and melancholic with those amazing deep vocals to push the feeling to the max.
    This album was made for driving in the city at night while the blurry lights reflect on the rainy windshield.
    Get this album.
  26. 300. EVANTON Vs BEATBOX MACHINERY - The Vs Series Vol​.​11
    by Werkstatt Recordings
    by The TCR
    You Get Me High ft. Oceanside '85 You Get Me High ft. Oceanside '85
    TCR is back, that's all you need to know. Get this and start keeping an eye for his next release. It will make waves in the scene ;)
  28. Syndicate Shadow
    by Neon Nox
    Payback Payback
    This album takes you from the underground clubs of the underworld to the night streets of the city to the hills outside its limits where it makes you feel like lying down, watching the moon and dreaming. This album is a trip, a trip you should take.
    by Watch Out For Snakes
  30. Thousand Miles Away
    by Nostalgia85
  31. 299. ZERO CALL - Mind instruction
    by Werkstatt Recordings
  32. Starless
  33. Sentient
    by Stilz
    Control (feat. Castroe) Control (feat. Castroe)
    It's Stilz. Get it.
  34. Backstab
    by Nostalgia85
  35. Sci-Fi Violence
    by FacexHugger
  36. Invader
    by Vector Assailant
  37. No Tears
    by Paradox Obscur
  38. Harvest Of Laments
    by The Fundamental Wisdom Of Chaos
    Axis Mundi Axis Mundi
    If you are into avand-garde metal with female vocals (both brutal and clean), industrial elements and a pagan undercurrent vibe throughout the lyrics, DEFINITELY check the release. All tracks are great but I'll choose this one because the vocal harmonic lines remind me ancient greek lament songs. Respect!
  40. Lost World
    by VHS Dreams
  41. Pertixx Time
    by Turbo Knight V JJ.Christie
  43. Shores of Miami, August 1982
    by James Spanos
    Neurotropical Rain Neurotropical Rain
    Passionate album, with a deeply melancholic feel and great sound to go with it. The Angelo Badalamenti influences are more prevalent than anything else in this album, which I love.
  44. 291. BEATBOX MACHINERY - Glam nights
    by Werkstatt Recordings
  45. Stranger Synths Vol. 1
    by Filtersweep Collective