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  1. The Cancelled Earth
    by Cities Last Broadcast
  2. Traces Of Nothingness
  3. The Starwheel
    by Kammarheit
  4. HEL
  5. The Lunar Lexicon
    by Aindulmedir
  6. The Winter Scriptures
    by Aindulmedir
  7. Alles still
    by Nachtreich
  8. Andarlīh
    by Hymnambulae
  9. Thronal
  10. Anthems Of Solitude
    by Phragments
    Frontiers Of Hope Frontiers Of Hope
    Get lost, immerse yourself in Anthems of Solitude!

    Sinister drones and careful sound design and mellow leads create a very coherent and expressive album.
  11. Sorpesoll
    by Ånon Egeland and Mikael Marin
  12. Stay
    by Blear Moon
  13. The Silent and Beyond
    by Winterwood
  14. Heljarrùnar
    by Undirheimar
  15. Bannwald LP
    by Apoptose
  16. All Towers Must Fall
    by Phragments
  17. Borrowed Time (A Collection of Forgotten Obscurities)
    by Oestergaards
    The Oestergaards' palette is gritty dark ambient.

    This is the place you go when there's murder in your dreams.
  18. Myrkraverk
    by Draugurinn
  19. Ísavetur
    by Draugurinn
  20. Scenes From The Sublime