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  1. God Is Partying
    by Andrew W.K.
    While previous AWK releases have consistently offered bombastic, driven, self affirming and powerful rock and roll, in God is Partying we are granted a window into the dark side of AWK in the form of hardline METAL and is made all the more personal given that AWK recorded and performed every instrument on the album, what an absolute unit.

    This album is a force of nature, some of Andrews best work. standout tracks include Everybody sins, Babylon, I'm in Heaven and My Tower.

  2. HDK 60 † Lone Wolf Ep.1: Flight from the dark
    by GNOLL
    The deadly swamp The deadly swamp
    I'm an indie board game publisher, I do illustration and game design full time and nothing gets me in the right head space to draw and rules edit like this right here. Absolutely transcendent, textural world in this collection.
  3. Abyss
    by Unleash The Archers
  4. Too Shabby
    by Rozwell Kid
  5. HDK 02 † The cave of the lost talisman
    by KOBOLD
  6. Maewyn
    by Vandalorum
  7. Haze Mage Tombtoker
    by Haze Mage
  8. HDK 71 † Cro-man
    by GNOLL
  9. Cowabunga Infinite Pizza Time
    by Cowabunga Pizza Time!
  10. Eat Your Dreams
    by nelward
  11. Zerwee, Pt. 2
    by Billy Cobb
    A Weezer homage through the lens of admiration and nostalgia resulting in an incredible, complete, memorable and earnest original offering not to be missed. weezer may have stopped making the music that made me fall in love with them back in the 90s but this "weezer core" love letter to their early work proves we don't need them thanks to the incomparable Billy Cobb. The whole album is great, favorite song- blockbuster video.
  12. Woodland Rites
  13. Chronicles
    by Haze Mage
  14. CHRONOSHRED: The Adventures of Stardust Lazerdong
    by Baltimore Rock Opera Society
  15. Ashen Blood
    by Green Druid
  16. Gothic Warriors
    by Super MadNES
    Expertly crafted metal VGM covers. As a 10+ year vet of the VGM tribute community I cannot praise these guys enough for such a strong showings early in their lifespan as a VGM metal band and their choices in material in "gothic warriors" is simply perfect. Keep em coming SUPER MadNES!!!
  17. Major
    by Fang Island
  18. EP. 1
    by Beastmaker
  19. the mondo zone
    by nelward
  20. Coffin Texts
    by Tombtoker