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  1. Chronicles
    by Haze Mage
  2. CHRONOSHRED: The Adventures of Stardust Lazerdong
    by Baltimore Rock Opera Society
  3. Ashen Blood
    by Green Druid
  4. Gothic Warriors
    by Super MadNES
    Expertly crafted metal VGM covers. As a 10+ year vet of the VGM tribute community I cannot praise these guys enough for such a strong showings early in their lifespan as a VGM metal band and their choices in material in "gothic warriors" is simply perfect. Keep em coming SUPER MadNES!!!
  5. Major
    by Fang Island
  6. EP. 1
    by Beastmaker
  7. the mondo zone
    by nelward
  8. Coffin Texts
    by Tombtoker
  9. Unmacho
    by Rozwell Kid
  11. International Genetics
    by You Bred Raptors?
  12. Evil Sound Screamers
  13. Freedom's Goblin
    by Ty Segall
    For an asking price of $9 this monstrous collection of great buzzing rock is a steal! Admit-tingly I should have paid more but I used $9 of my last $30 to buy this album. I regret nothing.
  14. Alive In Screen
    by nelward
    seafoam breeze seafoam breeze
    chiptune and windows 95 sounds have sweet sticky make out session on "Alive in Screen". Favorite song - "seafoam breeze" and coming in a close 2nd is "apple shampoo" both are delightfully decadent and totally funked up ear worms that have had me coming back to this album many times since it's release. Dive in and get happy with nelward.
  15. Fuzzed Up
    by Big Lush
    While there is no minimum amount or limited listens required to enjoy this album I had to pay them for this AMAZING album. I have enjoyed this album from start to finish maybe half a dozen times. These guys bring ear worm, accessible, catchy pop rock the likes early weezer or Ovens but with a little more sugar on top. every song a hit!
  16. Double Ferrari
    by Double Ferrari
    National Anthem National Anthem
    Impeccably crafted, thunderous instrumental rock the likes of which lay challenge to The Fucking Champs themselves. Wonderful, amazing arrangements executed with a hot heaping helping of rock and roll bravado. NOT TO BE MISSED for those who like their daily lives scored as if they're cyber vikings in the middle of a castle siege.
  17. Apex
    by Unleash The Archers
  18. Gründle Jammers
    by Baltimore Rock Opera Society (BROS)
  19. Blood Mist
    by Haze Mage
  20. Funeral Winds
    by Wastewalker
  21. II
    by Vale Of Pnath
    what an eyeopening album- rich, lovingly composed arrangement and excellent playing across the board. overall feel is RELENTLESS and paired with the intricate and soaring guitar work leaves nothing to be desired. The mix is exemplary with great separation and clarity. I keep coming back to this album, at least once a month, I love working to this album. Vale of Pnath keep up teh good work and please come to Baltimore soon.
  22. Hyper Light Drifter
    by Disasterpeace