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  1. Salt and Sanctuary: Original Soundtrack
    by Ska Studios
  2. Anodyne
    by melos han-tani
  3. DELTARUNE Chapter 1 OST
    by Toby Fox
  4. The Messenger (Original Soundtrack) Disc II: The Future
    by Rainbowdragoneyes
  5. The Messenger (Original Soundtrack) Disc I: The Past
    by Rainbowdragoneyes
  6. Iconoclasts Soundtrack - Birdsong
    by Joakim Sandberg
  7. Hollow Knight: Gods & Nightmares
    by Christopher Larkin
  8. Hyper Light Drifter
    by Disasterpeace
  9. The Yawhg EP
    by Ryan Roth, Halina Heron
  10. Into the Breach Soundtrack
    by Ben Prunty
  11. Celeste - Madeline's Grab Bag
    by Lena Raine
  12. Celeste B-Sides
    by Various Artists
  13. Dandara
    by Thommaz Kauffmann
  14. Celeste Original Soundtrack
    by Lena Raine
    Confronting Myself Confronting Myself
  15. Night in the Woods Vol. 1: At The End Of Everything
    by Alec Holowka
  16. Night in the Woods Vol. 2: Hold Onto Anything
    by Alec Holowka
  17. Dead Cells - Soundtrack Part 1
    by Yoann Laulan
  18. Hollow Knight (Original Soundtrack)
    by Christopher Larkin
  19. UNDERTALE Soundtrack
    by toby fox
  20. Strike the Earth! Shovel Knight Arranged
    by Jake Kaufman